Runaway Irish State Spending - Not Even Noticed by Ryan Tubs

So here is a good example

RYAN TUBRIDY is to stay with RTE. The Irish Independent has learnt that the 37-year-old has signed a new three-year contract with the station.

However, pay cuts for top talent in RTE mean his new annual salary, estimated at €373,333, will be more than €160,000 down on the €533,333 he was being paid in 2008.

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So Irish taxpayers paid out €640K more than they needed to over the last four years of substantial economic turmoil. All to secure the irreplaceable Andrews family member, who got his first break in RTE as a 12 year old ‘young’ but engaging crony. Or at a rough guess €1m of pre tax earnings, or 4000 TV tax licenses.

But the real shame is that nobody notices - the Irish state is in all sorts of places it shouldn’t be - broadcasting is one activity where the state is not only active, but supports uneconomic wages, (which like north korea - Irish state broadcasters are the better paid than the private sector), and disrupts the advertising market by below cost selling.

Maybe we should just tax coke?

Regarding the TV wealth transfer tax knock yourself out, loads of material here.


The intention is to expand this tax through taxing multimedia devices that connect to the internet or tacking it on to the property tax and it will morph into a bailout fund for RTE pensions and slush fund for the media industry including newspapers with some TV presentation (sorry, public service broadcasting*) on the side.

  • Free advertising and PR for politicians and their party Ard Fheis.

It’s not that nobody notices, it’s because it’s everywhere, all over the cunting place. Trying to do something about it would feel a liitle like it must have felt for that Greek chap rolling his boulder up and down a hill for life.

So have we undertaken a sisyphean task here, even though we all originally just wanted to point out that house prices in Ireland were ridiculously high.

Fair play to Tubs. But 373k is still WAAAAYYYYY too much for what he does.
Maybe, just maybe 120k.
But more that that is just silly and makes the RTE bosses look like even bigger eeejits.

What do you suppose TV3 would be willing to pay him?

Two sackfuls of Vincent Browne’s toenail clippings per month.

That’s a trick question … right ?

that should be the measure…10% more than TV3 would pay. There is no other competition. F off to england if you want…Craig useless Doyle was’nt long running home

I like Craig Doyle. I used to hate him, but I’ve mellowed.

maybe I’ll have mellowed by the time I get to your age :laughing:

Old age. When you get to my age, One Foot in the Grave is funny :cry:

I’ve run out of hate. I used it all up on Ed Byrne.

Ed Byrne would do that to you allright…what about his twin, Jason :smiling_imp:
I cant stand that muppet

dunno but the head of programming who is leaving at the end of the year to go back to the uk said he would have liked to bring tubridy with him.

I think thats the state’s plan. Get people to run out their hate at, 100 euro property taxes, small examples of waste - and after a few years people just run out of hate… and just go along with it

I will buy the ticket

I don’t get him at all, thank god he moved to 2fm, even if it means listening to John Murray/Catherine Thomas

John Murray’s interviewing style is really off-putting. It’s like as if he’s trying to keep an angle open to cast doubt on, or to ridicule the guest. Very unpleasant to listen to. Catherine Thomas? Er, I don’t want to be mean (that’s just not my style 8) ), but there doesn’t appear to be a lot of depth to her…?

Just exclude rte from your life if it/the people annoy you. There are alternatives.

There’s no alternative to paying the RTE tax though.