Rushanes, Glandore, West Cork (-1.1m, -44%)

09 August 2008

* Price changed: from '€1,950,000' to 'Region €1,950,000'

24 August 2007

* Price changed: from '€2,500,000' to '€1,950,000'

15 April 2007

* Initial entry found.

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That’s a gorgeous neck of the woods, it’s just a pity for the property/vendors that by the looks of the photos they were taken on the EA’s phone.

If you’re right the EA should be taken out and kicked. I’d go ballistic if I was trying to sell my house and thats the best they could do. A picture is supposed to speak a 1000 words… that shite mumbles about 3.

Being in the business I know that photos don’t sell properties - prices do.
But Jesus … even I would be embarrassed by these !

there are better resolution pictures on … JLFH389320 from the same agent so perhaps they had an issue uploading them to daft…

its worth taking a look at #8 depicting the arrival of Ben Bernanke…

anyway its better value at 900k than 2500k…that drop is indicative of a lot of factors no doubt…and glandore is indeed a lovely spot…i was there last week and even the weather played along…if i win the lottery i’ll be seeing if its still on the market…although there is a lot of great stuff for sale down there…in the fantasy league of course…

You’re right, prices do sell houses. The rest of the ‘stuff’ should really help the process. For a house priced the best part of 1 million Euro, its presentation should be flawless and the EA’s attitude impeccable.

I’d put money on it though if you went to view it you’d be handed a couple of photocopied sheets of paper with exactly the same information as whats online. The EA would show up 10 minutes late, make some sort of stupid quip about you having good time keeping and not be able to offer much more information about it other than “tis a crackin’ joint boy”.

You can go to a hotel, spend €100 on a room and be amazed at the level of service you get…

sorry to bump this thread but it did contain a digression on how estate agents don’t always use the best pictures of the the properties to help lure the buyer in…yes that is a police car in the picture below !