Russia, liberating Ukraine from the clutches of the Menace

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CIA director holds secret meeting with Zelensky on Russia’s next steps [WP]

CIA Director William J. Burns traveled in secret to Ukraine’s capital at the end of last week to brief President Volodymyr Zelensky on his expectations for what Russia is planning militarily in the coming weeks and months, said a U.S. official and other people familiar with the visit.

Go woke, go broke.

How much again to do Ukies?

I find it hard to believe people are still pushing this line.

It’s simply doesn’t tally with reality.

Russia has not collapsed economically or militarily as was supposed to happen on numerous occasions since last February.

Ukraine (read Nato) appears to be running out of weapons which is why they are begging for more weapons to be handed to them by western states. This is despite the fact that the west has been supplying and funding them for months. If they are begging for more weapons where are the ones that have already been supplied ? Presumably destroyed.

Russian army was supposed to collapse in a matter of weeks any number of times. Hasn’t happened.

Russian economy was supposed to colapse due to sanctions. Hasn’t happened. In fact the contraction appears to have been more pronounced in some western states instead.

Russia is not isolated internationally. 80 percent of the worlds population want nothing to do with sanctions against them and either support or are ambivalent to the invasion ie it is the west who is the outlier in terms of world view and outlook. Progressive liberalism is a western pursuit despite what your media tells you ie nobody else is interested. In terms of soft power Putin is more a sympathetic figure in the eyes of most of the worlds population than joe Biden or any western leader.

At some point people will need to face up to facts. There should have been a negotiated settlement last spring. Now it seems to be too late - best case scenario is that the coming debacle gets memory holed a la the fall of Kabul and we continue ignoring the reality beyond the bubble of the western world.

Worst case - it’s the end of the world as we know it and our currencies and political system go the way of the Soviet Union circa 1989.


Russia, nah it’s for those with eyes to see controlled collapse of “The West” by The Menace is working.

Ireland :ireland:

  • Failed State (losing count) :white_check_mark:
  • Uncontrolled borders (open borders) :white_check_mark:
  • Private Military Formations (who has come over the borders?) :white_check_mark:
  • Fleeing Population (The young emgirating again!) :white_check_mark:
  • Moral Decay (Hat trick of Referendum, last one Repeal the 8th) :white_check_mark:
  • Civil conflict… (Peaceful so far… :hourglass_flowing_sand: )
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Half of the available Ukrainian forces are bottled up in the failing attempt to defend a single city.

But victory is just around the corner for The Ukraine if only we just send over a few tanks :drooling_face:

I am getting a very bad feeling about this.

The Ukrainians are losing. The US Congress is turning off the funds. This is only going one way.

Ordering most of your forces to a single location without strong armour and artillery is suicide. Yet we see large numbers being deployed… Into a Verdun trap.

My fear is that the US will pull a false flag nuke. Blame it on the Ruskies and garner support for more war.

The same c@nts did 9/11. They have zero morals.

Would we not just get a chemical weapons attack first?

Even a bit of hypothetical chlorine gas which “bookmarks an even more genocidal phase of Putin’s illegal invasion” or some such nonsense you’d think would be enough to pass a couple of emergency appropriations for a few 10s of billions worth of F16s and more long range missiles to keep the shit show on the road for a while longer.

I’m assuming that the Chinese are happy enough to let NATO wear down Russia a bit for their own interests but have zero intention of allowing a situation where NATO defeats Russia and takes defacto control of the other side of 2,500 miles of the Chinese border.

Pick your weapon. The intent is the same.

I’d sleep a lot better if there are fake chlorine bombs rather than fake nukes exploding on the other side of the continent.

Certainly the US doctrine would consider this normal. After all it was their justification for the first atom bombs. And they did worse with fire bombs.

These won’t be fakes. Real thing… Shock and Awe.

I’ve been thinking for a while that a bit of nuclear fallout would be very convenient to explain away a lot of what seem to be medium and long term vaccine side effects.

Just hope it happens while the prevailing westerlies are holding. Chernobyl caused a lot of harm even as far away as Ireland as the winds in Spring often come from the continent instead of the Atlantic for a while.

Talk of some resignations in Ukraine gov. Cracks ?

Seen similar on the telegram before Musk unlocked twitter: