Russia, liberating Ukraine from the clutches of the Menace

The latest in the false “Ukraine is winning” narrative.

Can anyone ever point me to a scenario in war where the victor had a currency that was collapsing, while the loser had a currency that was the strongest out of any nation on the planet?

If The Ukraine is winning why is their currency trading like Germany 1918/1945?


You can kind of see the problems trying to charge up a hummer in the desert.

Gonzalo Lira ahead of the curve as usual on The Ukraine. The behaviour of the Zelensky regime has been growing increasingly unhinged over the last few weeks. Disbanding all the opposition political parties and purging many within his own regime who are not deemed loyal enough. His demands for more and more weapons continue to get more and more shrill. The West are creating a Frankenstein and I think realization is kicking in that he will not be controlled.

If he cannot be controlled then NATO will need to take him out. Pay very close attention to the Western narrative on Zelensky over the next few weeks. We have seen time and time again the NATO can make and break anyone to suit their own agenda (Gaddafi, Saddam, Bin Laden, etc).

The Ukraine used American HIMARS to strike a DPR prison and killed 40 Ukrainian POW’s.

Remains of American HIMARS rocket that was used by Ukrainians to kill Ukrainian POW’s. Won’t hear this in the MSM.

We will never know the truth about this one, the Russians have plenty of used HIMARS rockets that they could place at the prison. both sides will lie if it suits them

Apparently this isn’t the first time Zelensky has tried to take out these POW’s.

What secrets of Zelensky have these captured soldiers been spilling that makes them such a danger to him?

Theatre 2 opens

This guy was there last week…

Kosovo government postpones its plan for volatile north after tensions rise

Less than 2 years after Trump was given a prestigious honor by Kosovo, the Dems are doing their best to fuck it all up. Not only do they want war with Russia, they want war with Serbia and China.

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The first half of this could be true looking at the IMF’s own press release from 2017.

Ukraine Receives IMF Support But Must Accelerate Reforms

  • inefficient state-owned enterprises still account for a large share of the economy, stifling growth and constituting a large drag on public finances;
  • the agricultural land market remains underdeveloped due to a moratorium on the sale of land, limiting the expansion of this key sector and leaving the rural population poor;

Don’t forget the military industrial complex. Look at the share prices of Lockheed Martin, BAE, Thales and all the other arms manufacturers. It’s no accident they have all done very well out of this war.

Why is Sky News UK/Ireland not like the fantastic Sky News Australia?

I think most of sky news is owned by Comcast (also own NBC) whereas sky news Australia is still owned by NewsCorp (Murdoch)

Who had nuclear war/meltdown on their bingo card for August?

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