Russia, liberating Ukraine from the clutches of the Menace

A few links to the intel slava telegram channel coverage:

You’re listening to propaganda.

The standard of reporting on this war in the MSM has been a disgrace. Last week the press were all a buzz about the mass graves found by the Ukrainians in Izyum.

Well laid out graves, with crosses and names where the dead were known. Strangest mass grave I have ever seen. All the talk has suddenly died on the supposed atrocities committed, probably because it was all over blown. But facts don’t matter, it’s yesterdays news now :drooling_face:

This week the latest invented news is about the overwhelming level of protests against mobilization. Those Russians that have been mobilized are being portrayed as drunken oafs. The MSM would have you believe that Russia is already finished, that a collapse is imminent. All anti-Russian propaganda that will be just as made up as the rest of the nonsense that we get blasted with.

Explain to me how an army that is struggling in many aspects of the war - poor equipment, weak logistics, fatigued soldiers and attrition of key personnel etc is going to start getting better with an influx of even less well-trained greenhorns?

Assuming it’s a MSM lie about reluctance to sign up and these fellas are itching to hit the front line and fight for mother Russia, do you really think these FCA lads are going to improve things?

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In a word, Yes. The Russian spirit has not been broken. The sanctions have failed, and in fact have strengthened resolve of the populace as they often do. America would only have mounted a similar operation with a 3:1 superiority ratio. Russia did ok given it was outnumbered (mostly by “the Ukranian FCA”)

You pop up whenever there’s a perceived setback for Russia. Zelensky is a cokehead globalist puppet fool. He wanted this. He wanted escalation (talk of joing Nato and getting nukes). Now he’s getting it. His War on the Steppe against a Russian horde.

Russia’s biggest problem from an early stage has always been a lack of manpower. The 180k troops they initially went into Ukraine with was enough to overwhelm the country in the very early days. Unfortunately as Ukraine started to mobilize and be flooded with NATO weapons, the Russian advance started to stall and recently stop. Russia weren’t blind to this. They have been recruiting private military contractors (notably Wagner) and volunteers to try and boost the numbers for a long time now, that was never enough to plug the gap. It’s only now that they are getting this critical volume of boots on the ground. I am surprised it’s taken the usually astute Putin as long as this to realize, but he’s finally twigged this is an existentialist threat to Russia.

The MSM typically has a completely blase attitude about Russian mobilization, you see the usual tropes been thrown out. One video of a rusty AK rifle is used as evidence that Russia is out of stuff (we’ve been hearing this lie from day 1). Another video of drunken soldiers freshly mobilized to make them out to be incompetent (not realizing it’s a Russian tradition to get shit-faced on the day you ship out). Another video of a 50 something year old with mobilization papers as evidence that Russia are forced into mobilizing old men (apparently Russia aren’t allowed make a clerical error).

This continual barrage of Ukraine war propaganda and conditioning is on purpose. The Western authorities have plunged us into war with Russia, and to keep the whole show on the road requires the population to believe that Russia are the bad guy, and that no expense must be spared to fight this war. No cost to Ukrainian lives, financial cost of vastly higher energy costs, or massive support to the military industrial cost is too great. We are all Ukraine, whether we were asked or not.

At every stage, they will tease that victory is just around the corner. Just one new shipment of arms away, or worth bearing another inflation busting energy cost increase. There can be no peace either. Only total victory over the Russian state can be accepted.

It’s a total con job that has no end.

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Feb, 2022

Pres. Biden: “If Russia invades…then there will be no longer a Nord Stream 2. We will bring an end to it.”

Reporter: “But how will you do that, exactly, since…the project is in Germany’s control?”

Biden: “I promise you, we will be able to do that.”

3 Leaks, all within international waters.

Has been pointed out online that this US vessel is in the area.



But actually they were out of service, weren’t they? NS I turbines made by Siemens were never returned from Canuckistan due to “sanctions”, NS II was never switched on.
I think we’re being played here big time with much bigger agenda.
Anyway, this plays into The New Normal (aka depopulation), 6uilt 6ack 6etter, The Great Reset agenda. Soon there’ll be some waterproof Russian Passports found in the vicinity of the “explosion” location, together with empty bottles of Leningrad Vodka and some babushkas.

Even if Russia never wanted to send energy to Europe ever again it would be able to demand higher prices from China and India if it had a working pipeline to Europe.

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Medvedev from Early June:

Deputy chairman of the #Russian Security Council Dmitry #Medvedev: “This is something that has already happened. There are different ways of looking at it, but we can assume that the ‘horsemen of the Apocalypse’ are on their way and all hope is in the Lord God, the Almighty.”

I wrote a brief overview of observations on the MSM here Menace Media Magic Matrix instead of placing that brief summary of observations in this topic.

Nice one bud

Same day new pipeline from Norway feeds gas all the way to Poland via Denmark -

Biden -

@PrinceMyshkin I’m curious about this too? Would it be a marine expedition to attack a NATO member or is Putin going to extend the landbridge through Bulgaria (A NATO and EU member).

Conservative estimate of 200k Russian men have left the country to avoid the grinder

Kadyrov tells Putin to f**k off - Chechnya not mobilising

Good Twitter thread on mobilization from an actual Russian, not a Western propagandist.

This might put a dampener on ‘Annexation Day’

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