Russia, liberating Ukraine from the clutches of the Menace



IMHO, that’s not a good sign.


Tell me again, just who have we imported.


Lots of Slavs, middle-eastern and Africans who will feel little or no connection to the rest of Irish society if hard times come.

Coincidentally we are all being given dire warnings about food shortages, energy shortages, fuel shortages, climate change, cyberattacks and fiat currencies.

As a fertile island, with various metal / energy resources & with a very homogenous population (well, previously) we would have been at the top of the list to weather catastrophes…

We are still ahead of most places for stability/food security etc., but I now wish we had a second amendment. Although I think a lot of rural farmers do have hunting or shotguns.


There are 300000 registered firearms on Eire.


Ffs. :clown_face:


EU - members to share gas, ration, etc.