Russia, liberating Ukraine from the clutches of the Menace



2nd half of that video is poor.

The ideas I think are from Peter Pomerantsev’s book.

The truth search idea seems to be like a yin/yang thing.


I did watch and listen to it all, and yes I would agree. Opening excerpts were nice.


"Everyone is asking what I can do. You can do two things: control your own and your teenagers’ showers. And when you turn off that water, you say — “Take that Putin!”



Top ten apps downloaded by Russians. The left list is February, the right is March.


Yea so like everyone else in “the west”.

Perhaps you missed the rise of the need to use a VPN to get around these days, it didn’t happen yesterday it’s going on years, but if you stick within MSM land you’re grand. All is fine and all approved data flows without disruption.

Pinsters outside of Irlanda should try access and see how they get on. They are defo blocking some of the VPN servers out there, so you can not actually see RTE on a VPN in some instances.

If you try one off the web based proxy services you can see RTE is blocked, for e.g. try (not an endorsement) you will see the error screen some VPN users see when they try access RTE.

One wonders if it’s regional.

Then of course you have the GDPR causing US sources to have to block EU traffic, VPN\s to rescue and so on and so forth.

You might also note that bitchute has regional blocks that only VPN allow access. This has been noted here in other threads for some time. It’s all gotten worse since the start of the overt phase of the elite-at-not-much-but-being-evil-fuckers WAR against the rest of humanity in 2020.


I don’t agree with censoring anything, but Russian control, repression, and censorship is an order of magnitude more prevalent than what we here face in the west. Unlike ordinary Russians, if I chose to use something like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, I don’t need a VPN to access it. If I want to protest the government, or make anti-war statements, nothing prevents me from doing so. If I want to take my savings and move them to another country, I am free to do so. The same cannot be said for Russians.

Russia is clearly an authoritarian state that has now veered towards totalitarianism. If your rebuttal to that is that the west is going the same way, that is a strawman argument. Whatever geivance a person has here, it pales in significance to the freedom that is eroding in Russia.


If it wasn’t for the the US government, who would solve Kiev’s parking problems?


There’s an interesting segment in this video about gold and the rouble @13:45 of the video.


This is not a very imaginative response.


Don’t let these people bullshit you that they believe in democracy. They just like the brand name.


:ru::ukraine::zap:Chechens and Russians pull people out Civilians from cellars in Mariupol



According to am internal Ukrainian document which has been circulating on the Runet, apparently a leak from the Ukie security council, which admits 40% of the Ukrainian territory is under Russian control and over 75% of the Ukie military was destroyed . Considering the amount of fakes out there, I cannot vouch for the authenticity of this document, but I will notice that those two figures (40% territory and 75% of the military) are exactly what I have been estimating myself, especially the size of the remaining military (which is much more important than holding territory).

Original date of posting, March 5th 2022.


:ru::ukraine: Another manifestation of the “care” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine about their own population.

Soldiers of the 25th Airborne Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, during the retreat, mined a bridge in the village of Malaya Kamyshevakha. Thanks to the rapid advance of the Russian troops, the pyrotechnics left their positions in a hurry and did not have time to blow up an important infrastructure facility for local residents.


Fearless attack dog of the Kremlin, Ramzan Kadyrov versus a basket ball net.

I like the way his handlers try to intervene this from becoming anymore embarrassing than it should be, but they’re ultimately helpless to contain their leaders ambition.


Latest French map here….

UK version here….^tfw

Both show Russians having ceded territory in the North and having refocused on the south around Donbas region.

Russian versions are showing Ukrainian forces more or less surrounded in Donbas. That’s not reflected in either Brit or French maps as of yesterday.

Not sure if anyone else has posted similar but suggestions on Twitter and elsewhere that there may be a large number of NATO aligned foreign fighters stuck in a large factory in Mariopol which the Russians are supposedly close to taking. If true that would certainly pose a challenge to the narrative in this part of the world.

We shall see who is telling the truth in due course.


IMHO, this is probably informational chaff.

A more likely scenario is that some French legionaries were possibly operating in Mariupol.


I hadn’t seen that.

I read about a group of Brit, French and, bizarrely, Swedish soldiers who may be in a large factory in Mariupol which is supposedly surrounded.

No evidence and very hard to know whether any of it, including the maps I linked to above, have any basis in reality.


Brit, French and, bizarrely, Swedish soldiers who may be in a large factory in Mariupol which is supposedly surrounded.

They could be legionaries. But afaik, it would be very difficult to prove, since legionaries are given a pseudonym (“declared identity”).


Why are you so obsessed with French maps? Their head of military intelligence has been sacked. For a glorified civil service to take such drastic action, it’s clear something has badly wrong with French Intelligence. I think until French military intelligence gets its act together, you really should stop discussing their maps.

For me, I think I will take British or American intelligence. Both of whom were very clear in their warnings that an invasion was imminent, above all others. Both of whom have been most accurate in their assessments of the war so far, they got the invasion date down to a tee. Although I do argue they are a little bit more conservative towards the Russian side with regards to outcome. This is quite understandable, this war was supposed to be over in 72 hours, they are still anchoring their expectations to those previous beliefs.

With regard to your other comment about Mariupol, are you talking about Roger Cloutier, a person who seems to be the proverbial nom de guerre in conspiracy theory circles? Have you any evidence that Roger, or other NATO aligned fighters are in Mariupol?

If you have actual evidence that folks in NATO are actually involved in this conflict, you should make this know immediately.