Russia, liberating Ukraine from the clutches of the Menace

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There were reports back in late April that Gerasimov had been wounded in Izyum.

The Russians appear to have taken a town called Soledar in the Donbass which is held up as an important logistics and supply hub. Suggestion is that large numbers of Ukrainians have been killed there over the past few weeks.

This guy speculates as to what comes next…

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Strange to hear this type of clear analysis on the alternative media.

It doesn’t make mush sense to me, the Ukraine started the war with thousands of Tanks and APCs, if they are now asking for Tanks APCs ect from the West/NATO can we assume their own hardware has been destroyed ?

So will 50 Bradley fighting vehicles + 30 light Tanks from France get them over the line, or will the Russians destroy them too

The town was defended by the 46th Airmobile Brigade who are some of Ukraine’s best soldiers and are fully equipped with modern NATO gear and training.

If some of the best in Ukraine can be blown away in a week by Russian mercenaries, ask yourself just how well is this war really going for Ukraine?

The gymnastics that’s going to take place on the MSM over this defeat will be fun to watch though.

Defeat against NATO on its own borders is very likely not a feasible option for Russia (and unfortunately it has apocalyptic alternative options)

We don’t know who is making the decisions on the NATO side whether it is willing to accept defeat either. Equally NATO can force a no-score-draw armageddon scenario.

We can draw our own conclusions on how crazy or not Putin is and who he is beholden to for his power but who is actually running the show on the other side and what are they trying to achieve?

Anatoly Karlin not happy with how Putin is running the war

In a week? Wagner have been pouring tens of thousands of artillery shells, thousands of troops and hundreds of pieces of armour into Soledar/Bakhmut since the summer. Conservative estimates of russian KIA are currently at 5k.

And zero Ukrainians KIA

The Russians are the army that can’t shoot straight, and the Ukrainians are the army that never miss

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Putin miscalculated, he thought he would overrun Ukraine in a few days and murder officials who wouldn’t fall into line. And pull off what he did in crimea just on a larger scale again with minimal fighting.

He is a thug, we all know this, he has been murdering opposition for years. Sure nobody likes corrupt billionaires and few shed tears when putin throws them out windows. Just never forget he is a kgb thug who rose to the top. He is no saviour of anyone.

Because he hasn’t had the success he imagined and Ukraine is currently holding a front line putin is launching deliberate indiscriminate attacks on civilians.

Why shouldn’t Ukraine fight back? I wouldn’t want putin and his thugs taking over my land either.

If the Russian army landed on Bannow Bay, and asked me for directions to Dublin, I would point them in the right direction

(((Amerika))) is now the evil empire, I pray for its end, and so should you

But what does Russia stand for now? It’s nothing more than an autocratic tyrannical state on the fast road to being a failed state. During the Soviet era at least there was an ideology or at least a pretense to one, however flawed.

The economic hari-kari becomes more evident, in fact the best outlook for Russia to preserve it’s history and culture is for Ukrainian victory soon - Putin is prepared to drag this war on for years, grinding the economy further and further into the dirt but also the mass slaughter and wholesale emigration of men in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s when it already faces demographic challenges.

If I were Russian living in Russia then the idea of Abrams and Leopards MBT’s sweeping across Crimea and into Mariupol would be salvation, Putin is destroying Russia and that would assure his removal. The west is not going to support Ukrainian advances into Russian territory and they (the Ukrainians) know it so that would be an end to the war and the only way to quickly ease sanctions and restore gas and oil revenues.

I see what you /\/\3n/\C3 there.

Interesting and lean telegram channel:

Starting from 5th October:



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CIA director holds secret meeting with Zelensky on Russia’s next steps [WP]

CIA Director William J. Burns traveled in secret to Ukraine’s capital at the end of last week to brief President Volodymyr Zelensky on his expectations for what Russia is planning militarily in the coming weeks and months, said a U.S. official and other people familiar with the visit.

Go woke, go broke.

How much again to do Ukies?