Russia, liberating Ukraine from the clutches of the Menace



I think I used the quote here - in these situations one side is lying, the other is is not telling the complete truth. Guess who is lying?

The Tochka that hit the station in Kramatorsk was Russian. Fired from outside Shakhtars’k. The f*cking DPR morons even posted the launch vidoes and target on a Telegram channel. All those civilians died. Very obvious from the unblurred video shown on Channel 1 RU (which is another story in itself). The dead were at the very edge of the cluster munitions dispersal arc. The target was the very large rail yard the other side of the passenger railway station. According to the DPR there was a UA troop train in transit.

So the truth was the attack was a RU missile which killed civilians. Some horrific wounds. The UA as expected less than 30Km for a war front did not allow video of the whole truth. The damage at the detonation target. Among the (probably) damaged good trains about 200M away…

Thats how this war works. The Russians have most to gain by telling complete lies. The Ukrainians have most to gain by telling a carefully filtered version of the truth. Even on UA social media. If some UA starts bull-shiting they get stomped by other UA’s very quickly.

The unrelenting propaganda and lies from the Russians is nauseating. Domestic and foreign. And no different from the Soviet times. Today they had a typical Soviet style “documentary” on Channel 1 RU equating everyone who (initially) welcomed the Germans as liberators from the Bolsheviks during WW2 as “Nazis”. Then they used the usual tenuous historical lies to paint the current UA democratic political parties as “Nazis”. The full 90 min treatment.

Next they showed what is the absolute best film about the utter brutality of WW2 in Belarus towards the civilian population , Come And See. Every other film looks contrived and dishonest in comparison. An incredible powerful film. Which you will never forget once seen.

The next program was one of those detective drama about a Soviet era investigator of - WW 2 war crimes against civilians.

Starting to see the pattern? None of these types of programmes were being shown 6 months ago.

What happens next? Well Putin has the look of a man with a plan the last two week. In this case for short term personal survival. You can tell by the RU news stories that things must be bad economically in RU. The stories are all about economic problems in other countries. Very Soviet era news. And every second TV ad is a bank offering 23% interest on accounts.

The RU army has lost more than 1/3rd of its tanks and 1/4 of all other armored vehicles in the last 6 weeks. And the attrition rates is getting higher by the day. They have lost the war. Now its just a matter of by how much. Despite what the “experts” say what they put into UA is pretty much all they have. The rest is either unmaintained scrap or “ghost” equipment. So I would expect that UA’s NATO neighbors want it to finish the job. Destroy so much of the RU military forces so that it wont be a threat to its western neighbors any time soon. Every single one ofg which the RU has threatened militarily in the last year.

So those Polish tanks today. They first of many.

As for Russia. Its fucked.Totally fucked. The reason why so many “support” Putin in opinion polls is because just like in the Soviet Era only a complete idiot would answer honestly. And because so many are terrified of the Post Putin anarchy. And rightly so. You look at the utter scum who turned out for Zhirinovsky funeral yesterday and you just want them to suffer for all eternity. But then you see video of the very brave Russians who are still protesting. Young and old. Despite huge personal consequences. Just like in the Soviet era. And you wish them all goodwill for what is about to happen to their country.


Chatter the spooks have placed chemo WMD’s in Ukraine. Hopefully that’s totally wrong. :ninja:


The Russian army ran out of food, equipment and soldiers, weeks ago, and yet some how they are still fighting, what if Putin is the same. He could last a while yet

Maybe Russia is like Ireland, if you control the state media and some key newspapers if not too hard to get a majority for almost anything, even a major war

No matter what stories they make up, they will be believed, expect to hear about Russians dumping babes out of incubators next



So what if Russia uses propaganda, that’s like saying Russia is using live ammunition, well duh!

I first saw video of crowds outside the train station and it gave me a bad feeling, but was not sure of the significance a the time other than maybe panicked peopel fleeing, but wasn’t clear other than looking like a packed concert, i.e. fodder for a sucide bomber.

Next I saw appear online that a Russian Iskander missile hit the station. I think it was the same one, wow that was fast, and weird. Hmm.

I had a way longer post but right now it’s handier to use the saker for summary of some of the keypoints.

Second quoted and linked piece has a good long run down about Ukrainian mlitary capability Vs Russian and US.

@jmc Do post up that DPR/telegram source of screen grab if you have it, that’s new info for me.

These makes that same point about the early reporting. Though others have said Russian media pulled their earlier reports on this, but that’s commentary so no sure what they looked like.

“The Russians” commit yet another “atrocity”

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The big news today is that those evil Russkies have fired a Tochka-U missile with a cluster warhead at the city of Kramatorsk, killing scores of innocent civilians. The “entire civilized world” is disgusted and immediately announced even MORE sanctions, MORE condemnation and MORE anti-Russian virtue signalling.

Minor problem: Russia does not have Tochka-U missiles, which are 30 year old Soviet missiles which have been far surpassed by modern Russian missiles (of which Russia has plenty enough). How do we know that it was Tochka-U which was used?

Because of the tail section which separates from the warhеard during the flight. Here it is:

No Russian tactical missile in service with such a tail section, and only the Ukrainian Tochka-U have.

Tochka-U tail and control surfaces

How much of a problem is that for the Empire of Hate and Lies?

Very minor, really. Remember that their PSYOPS are directed at two kind of people:

  • Those with low intelligence
  • Those who don’t care about the truth

Russia did not have the old-model Buk which allegedly shot down MH-17 either, which did not stop the Empire of Hate and Lies to instantly blame the shooting down on Russia. And Russia has long liquidated her chemical weapons stores, unlike the US or the UK, by the way.

But who cares about that when hating Russia and Russians is all which really matters?

In fact, this is straight out of the western PSYOPs book:

  1. Execute a false flag, then
  2. INSTANTLY blame Russia and lean on all your colonies to do the same in the name of western “solidarity”
  3. Thereby make absolutely certain that no real investigation can take place or, if it does, it will be so far down the road that nobody will care.

So we have a major false flag in Bucha, and now we have that Tochka-U in Kramatorsk. What will come next?

God only knows, but the goal is to associate “Russians” with “atrocities” in what is left of the mind of the eagerly scatophaging serfs in Zone A.

In the meantime, inside Russia a scandal is brewing with the latest statements of Dmitry Peskov who said a lot of very dumb things in his latest interviews. Frankly, the day Putin fires Peskov I will personally feel an immense sense of relief. During peacetimes having folks like Medinski and Peskov is painful enough, but during war times folks with their mindset are a real DANGER for Russia as they are directly injecting fear, uncertainty and doubt in the mind the the Russian public. The only good news, but it is very good, is that more and more Russians are getting really upset with these characters: they support Putin and the military operation, and they are really getting fed up with the Atlantic Integrationists and their way to patronize 5th columnists (which is what Peskov did).

Read full blog post:

This is an even longer read that the text below but it also cover the train station hit.

Sitrep: Operation Z

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By Nightvision for the Saker Blog

We start with the biggest scoop today. We finally have high level confirmation from Russian officials that NATO instructors and foreign fighters are in fact trapped in Mariupol.

Firstly Russian State Duma member Adam Delimkhanov in an interview with RT has openly stated he estimates around 100 such foreigners there, and that they are in communication with them and the rumors are true that they are trying to negotiate a release and escape corridor. It seems to imply all those Macron rumors were accurate.


Igor Konashenkov on the other hand, also confirms that significant numbers of foreign fighters are known to be there because Russia can hear them crying in over 6 different languages in intercepted radio calls.

Not to mention there’s now a report that they tried to break through the blockade with a ship to rescue them (ran out of helicopters I guess?)

So this is no longer the realm of speculation and fantasy.

Now about yesterday’s Kramatorsk strike – it had multiple objectives all of which we foresaw in the previous SitReps when I specifically said that Ukraine was now shifting to a psychological and terror war exclusively, because it cannot win a conventional one.

The goals were: to terrorize civilians into not fleeing so they can be used as human shields in the upcoming showdown in Kramatorsk, to blame the falseflag on Russia for the same reasons as in the ‘Bucha massacre’ to continue extorting NATO sympathy and funds.

They cleverly did it right after Russia had announced the new measure of strikes against railyards, because they knew it would appear ostensibly as just the latest Russian strike targeting that category of infrastructure. But of course they messed up when Arestovych and their own side first reported it as a Russian Iskander, not knowing that a Tochka shell would be discovered.

Once again, this is proof of something else we wrote two sitreps ago when we said that Ukraine was forced to do the Bucha massacre to try and stem the momentum behind the soon-to-be liberation of Mariupol, and that the falseflag was in fact evidence that Mariupol was ready to fall since they must have known that the large 501st marine battalion was getting ready to surrender any moment.

Similarly here, rumors continue to mount that Phase 2 is very close to kicking off, or has already kicked off in part (as reported by those like Gonzalo Lira, etc) and so again Ukraine badly needed something to stem the coming momentum, and to make sure civilians don’t flee as they are the UAF’s only hope, as human shields. We also wrote a couple sitreps ago that the frequency and intensity/seriousness of the falseflags will only increase from here on out, and this appears to already be happening. Clearly the civilian population has been deemed completely expendable by the UAF.

There are reports that Russia is still keeping a decent-sized force (1/3 of what was previously there) north of Kiev (on Belarus side). If true, this would effectively continue to pin UAF forces around Kiev, not allowing them to fully redeploy to Donbass or elsewhere (perhaps why Zelensky only requested 15,000 to be sent, and not the whole force in the area, which some have estimated anywhere in the 50k – 70k range or more). The reason being of course that if they were to leave Kiev undefended, the much faster Russian maneuver force could rapidly blitz in under their noses and capture Kiev.

Now the Pentagon is stating that Russia has positioned 40 BTGs around the Donbass, adding a new 10,000 troop infusion, and Phase 2 is ready to kick off any moment. This by the way is a confirmation of the new reality where they have backtracked on the original “180 BTGs” just as I’ve written previously, and are now using more realistic numbers. This is further evidence that Russia is not utilizing the amount of troops in theater as they wanted us to believe.

Now on this topic, as Phase 2 is set to begin, let’s talk tactics or ‘Why the UAF Is About To Get Smashed’ .

One of the most important takeaways from the first phase of this conflict has been that the UAF stands no chance whatsoever against Russian forces in a straight up head-on, full frontal fight. To understand the reasons for why that is, you must understand the basic structure and functions of the Russian units, including the infamous BTG (battalion tactical group). Without going into too much detail, just know that unlike U.S. forces which have some of the larger force coefficients like artillery, rockets etc more on the Corps level, the Russian units have them down to the battalion level, allowing faster maneuvering forces to have their own massive firepower capabilities and direct decision making.

But besides this ability to outmaneuver an equivalent Ukrainian force with far more firepower, just understand that the Russian BTG comes equipped with large precision artillery capabilities, in the form of 2S19 Msta for the more elite groupings. Ukraine’s artillery has been surprisingly well implemented, but it is still no match for a full Russian artillery unit equipped with its own detachment of spotters, counter-battery systems, scouts and the like. In general, the Russian units will have more fires(artillery) density per engagement, and at greater ranges with better accuracy differentials.

There has not been a single recorded Ukrainian victory in a full head-on fight, with the arguable exception of some of the engagements in the Bucha/Kiev area where we saw a column or two of Russian light cavalry forces take decent losses and retreat, but these were light VDV detachments with their own special objectives, not much protection, etc., and they took risky chances which led to ambushes.

But the majority of large scale engagements in these modern peer-to-peer conflicts mostly consist of medium to long range artillery duels. The only time tank/mechanized forces typically come into play is during transport or repositioning/redeployment, or once the artillery has softened the defense enough—or more commonly has ‘routed’ them—the other forces will begin moving in to finish them off.

The ONLY way the UAF has scored any recorded successes at all so far is via asymmetric and mostly ambush operations on MOVING columns. The reasons for this are many, such as the fact that U.S. feeds satellite intel to UAF forces to alert them of exactly where larger RF columns are moving and where they’re likely headed. This allows UAF forces to setup ambushes in depth at forward areas. The secret to how they do this is via RTP (Registered Target Point). The concept is very simple: a UAF artillery unit will shoot at a road with spotters watching and feeding them corrections until the artillery ‘solution’ is perfectly honed onto the center of the road. That artillery will then be covered with camo. Then as the Russian convoy passes that RTP mark, a hidden spotter will give the signal by radio and the UAF artillery will score instant perfect accuracy kills.

This is all fine and good. But when two, let’s just say equally-sized, forces do a classic position battle where they have taken their positions, dug in, both are aware of each other’s dispositions more or less with an accuracy dependent on the effectiveness of their ISR scouts and drone surveillance teams, etc. In this type of direct face off akin to a classic confrontation between two forces like in the days of Napoleon, the Russian force will always handily destroy the Ukrainian force 10 times out of 10 with minimal losses to itself, as all the advantage in this setup goes to the Russian side. As mentioned before, the reasons for this are simple:

  • Russia can bring a higher density of artillery firepower to bear – more units, higher quantity across the contact line, period.
  • Though Ukrainian units are no slouches (particularly the elite in Donbass) and should be commended for their skill, they are still inferior in training and capability compared to RF artillery troops. It may not even be a huge edge, but it’s an edge nonetheless. Sure they have the experience edge, but the RF artillerymen are highly trained, and are already gaining tons of valuable experience on the fly – they learn fast.
  • The RF equipment is far superior. We’re talking highly modern Msta 2S19s (superior to ANY artillery unit even in the U.S. arsenal, a fire rate 4-5 times higher than U.S.’s M109 equivalent, with greater range, etc.) with pinpoint accuracy, longer ranges, higher RPM (~10rpm to Ukraine’s maybe 3-4), better sights and optics, better surveillance capabilities as Ukraine mostly uses prosumer DJI drones which can be good for shortrange tactical stuff, but have limited range, duration, and optics compared to Russian Orlan-10s and the like. And don’t get me started on the legendary Krasnopol ammunition which the 2S19s can and HAVE been firing in Ukraine, which is a laser guided artillery munition that flies exactly to its pinpointed, laser-designated (by Orlan-10, etc) target, even if the target is moving. And keep in mind, in most cases the UAF won’t even have any 2S3 Akatsiyas or Gvozdikas or 2S7 Peonies anymore, but rather will use either BM-21 Grad or legacy Soviet towed artillery like D-30 howitzers or equivalent (the latter being far inferior for variety of reasons).

So in short, Russia can bring to bear firepower that is more accurate, longer range, faster shooting, and in greater number, all while having more ammo/fuel for it, etc. So what is the big point I’m making with all this. It is the following:

The ‘maneuver war’ which gave Ukraine certain ambush opportunities seems to be coming to an end. Russia is concentrating troops for the ‘final battle’ of Donbass, which will be a conventional, frontal war fought in the manner described above, with massive artillery fires opening the salvos and mechanized forces moving in to attrition off the routers. The major problem for Ukraine this presents is, this may be survivable when you have space to retreat and can continue falling back, away from the massive artillery advantage. But when the noose continues to close on the cauldron, the UAF forces will find themselves in a situation of continual concentration. They will have a smaller and smaller area for the troops to consolidate into, with no room for maneuver. And this area will have an increasing number of massive artillery firepower bearing down on it that will outgun and outrange them exponentially. There will be no more asymmetric cheap shots and ambush strikes because Russian forces will not be roaming in rapid, exposed columns on highways, but rather defensively postured with protected flanks, etc, dug in and inching forward one protected-in-depth section at a time. In short, this will be an absolute killzone onto the UAF troops.

We have already had a taste of this in what I’d call the first engagement of Phase 2, even if it hasn’t officially kicked off yet. But the battles in the south of Izyum, around Kam’yanka were in the spirit of what I described above. Not fast maneuvering and ambush/asymmetric warfare, but rather stand-off artillery duels in the spirit of what one commenter recently brought up as the famous Russian ‘Reconnaisance-Strike-Complex.’ And the results were brutal for UAF – I attached the video in the last SitRep showing the fields literally littered with UAF corpses after the battle of Kam’yanka while Russia had very little losses.

Read this military analyst’s twitter essay on Russian BTGs and how they can, in his opinion, be characterized as basically mobile artillery groups due to the sheer fires disparity

Read full post:

Naturally with population of 43 million and high density to boot, with ballistics whizzing around, of course there are real oppotunrites for serious civilian casualty in error on all sides. However, I’m sticking with the pattern, and that’s a long line of very obvious FF’s and staging, real atrocity no less.

In terms of truth.

The Menace lies and commits diabolic acts, Russia Vs The Menace, that’s the reality construct and OP of this thread.

It’s how you define or understand the Menace. I think that is key data point. I would say, ask yourself.

What exactly is Ukraine?

What does it represent?

Why does the Menace seem so desperate right now?


I think @jmc called out the 3 day decapitation run/angle in the beginning correctly - in hindsight that very much looked like it was really good info management by the Russians to cause confusion, or the Menace side, to make it look like the Russians were failing) or the Russian propaganda that way for some value, because they got a bit caught out. Who knows, we are far past the early run of instant dis-info and propaganda fakery to more habitual and formulaic fakery.

How about Ireland is like Ukraine

How the western Atlantic Menace Regime so love to kill the baby in the womb on the island, but will go to WAR with Russia to save surrogate babies and wreck the nation, should have been a MAJOR red flag for many (hypothetically speaking! :icon_rolleyes: )

Don’t be surprised if something really bad someday get’s outed with Ireland’s baby adoption regime machine a la scandal/trafficking etc. etc. something really bad. I don’t know specifically, but you know, the potential, you see the odd comment over time, and then this, makes for a wondering. For example who noticed when the brought in gay adoption? It was well in advance of the gay bake my wedding cake referendum you bigot, and I didn’t notice.

The other thing here is, there has been some online inquiries and commentary into the potential of new born trafficking ring on an industrial scale via Ukrainian maternity hospitals, where they falsely say babies have died at birth, the parents never see their newborn child. Rather horrific. Perhaps too crazily unreal to be believed.

Lots of commentary also about Odessa’s vast historical underground tunnels network, a smugglers paradise. So many things like this, which could be sensationalist dis-info to distract, but the sources do not really get as much traction, so it’s not having that affect, or is it?

One rule of thumb is if you see such or heinous claimed projected at Russia, you can assume the Menace is the one guilty of same. That projection tactic to associate first in the mind of mass viewer never grows old.

It’s a race of first to associate on first impress(ion).

This was the permanent setting during the Trump admin. The only have one playbook. One trick.

Surely after 7+ years of intesifcaiotn of the infowar, it’s not obvious no?


This is the way I’ve come around to thinking, but I’m not so sure there isn’t a final nasty sting in the tail to come.

The damage this war has done to Russia is catastrophic on so many fronts.

There’s the immediate damage to the military that we know is bad. We’ve seen the hundreds of unique videos and images documenting the destruction of swathes of the Russian army. We can see it in the maps with the complete lack of progress they’ve made in over a month. No one believed for a minute that the withdrawal around Kyiv was merely a feint. If the Russians are winning, why are Ukrainian air defences still largely infact? Why have the number of sorties flown by the Russian air force decreased since the start of the war? How is it even possible that the obsolete Ukrainian air force is still even able to put planes and helicopters in the air? With Russia running low on precision guided munitions (incredibly expensive to replace as well), it’s clear they are being forced into a dirty, close-encounter war with a determined enemy who have been supplied some particularly lethal weapons. What’s worst is the West can continue to ratchet up the supply of these weapons, Russia simply cannot compete in a proxy war against the West. I haven’t even gotten onto the human cost, casualties on both sides are high due to the natural of this war and will continue to be so.

The damage to the Russian economy might even be worse. The European dependency on Russia energy isn’t a one way dependency. Central and eastern Europe may be dependent on Russian energy, but Russia is dependent on the Western revenue it needs to pay for everything from the military to pensioners. This is why we’re in the current stalemate where Putin backed down on demanding Rubles for gas, and Europe have backed down on energy sanctions. For Putin to actually back down on something, should tell you all you need to know about just how vital European money is to keeping him in power. The biggest threat to Putin so far hasn’t been war, or sanctions. The biggest single impact he’s had on his popularity was actually the 2018 pension reform that he pushed through. That was not liked at all by the Russian public and made the single largest dent ever made against his personal popularity. I think he once said the single biggest thing that keeps him awake at night is demographics, I think it’s really impoverished pensioners.

With the situation not good, I can’t help but think that Putin may just roll the dice one more time and escalate the situation. If he’s backed into a corner and has nothing left to lose, then why not deploy a small tactical nuke? Putin has said he will attack with nuclear weapons if there’s an existential threat to the Russian state. Technically, he is the Russian state, so an existential threat to him is a threat to Russia.



Patrick Lancaster had not posted new content for a few days, some were worried he’d been killed, but I’d say this might go a long way to explaining the delay in posting videos for a few days!

BREAKING: My Family Almost Hit By Tochka-U As It Hits Village In Russia

I thought I had sent my family to a safer place. I sent them to Russia after a Ukrainian Tochka U killed 26 people 200 meters from our Apartment in Donetsk. Today a Ukrainian Tochka U hit Under 100 meters away from the homes they are staying in in a small Russian village on the Azov sea. THANK GOD they are ok but now I am moving them more inland to where they will be safe.

March 14th '22:

A snippet from a Flynn interview from March 14th that I didn’t get to post at the time, short and to the point:



I was having a giggle thinking about your post when reading this Google ad-sense message at the time (recent days).

It’s good that Google were able to freely express their corporate position and outline their active role in Ukraine and their tactics for engaging in economic warfare as a means of censorship, suppression of information and malice intending to cause material loss against it’s vast client base.

Maybe Le Pen got one of these too? :thinking:


Going by the warped logic that has taken hold in here this is obviously the fault of the toddler.


the warped logic that has taken hold in here

explain? :thinking:


Perhaps when you sober up you could run a poll, something like this:

Should Magpie:

  • Search for the edit button.
  • Run a Poll to test the thesis
  • Find a bucket of water to put out the flaming strawman
  • Come out from under the bridge

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Lol, so salty OW.


This is not the same thing.

Google is a private company with a terms of service. You are not compelled to use it, there are alternatives.


Tbh I thought it was a bit of a humorous rejection of your stupid supposition which may probably be one of the most stupid posts (which is being nice, others might use different words) I’ve ever read, and hey I’ve made a lot of stupid posts, so I should know.

At least own it if it’s your sincere opinion.


“This is not the same thing.

Google is a private company with a terms of service. You are not compelled to use it, there are alternatives.”

More of the same from an account that’s either a paid shill or an ideologue.

It has been noted that you have failed to respond in factual terms to any of the numerous posts that called out your previous nonsense…

Dublin belongs to us despite what your pals may think.


a paid shill

I’ve been registered here for 15 years, whoever’s paying me must have very deep pockets.

It has been noted that you have failed to respond in factual terms to any of the numerous posts that called out your previous nonsense

Such as? Also, when have facts gotten in the way of discussion on this forum? So many outrageous lies get quoted or posted here completely unchallenged.

Dublin belongs to us despite what your pals may think.

This statement puzzles me.


A quote is a quote. You don’t have to agree…
If you disagree with a particular quote or think it’s a lie, you have to option to say so and explain why, or not…
This is a forum after all.


Another curious article, from April 10, 2022

Can the UK supply anti-ship missiles to Ukraine?

some of the comments…

How did the Ukrainians get the target data?
What Johnson said was ‘anti ship system’, what if they gave them the missing part of the ‘system’?

I suspect that Uncle Sam’s air force is providing them virtually real time ISTAR data hence how they keep finding senior Russian’s in their command posts to blow up

All pure speculation.