Russia, liberating Ukraine from the clutches of the Menace

If you really think that a nation of 145M people is going to have a manpower problem in defending their border against Ukraine you have problems.

Liar, liar.

It’s more a case of allocation than numbers - The Russians can withdraw tens of thousands of troops from Ukraine or they can allow these raiding parties to continue, The Russian FSB were rolled over in minutes and the TDF don’t have rifles…

No rifles? Really? :joy:

It was always about killing Russians.

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That’s an interesting summary. He forgot this eye opener which you just don’t expect from the Daily Telegraph. There’s a reason they let the truth slip through

As we stand briefly on the stone steps of the house, there is laughter and relief at a job well done, but when we go back in, Miroslaw points to the room just vacated. “Lots of young men die on this bed. Sometimes their mother or wife or girlfriend is talking to them on the mobile as they die. Physically and mentally, it is hard here.”

Can you imagine @owenm response to this if it was the Russians doing it. “Lol. They’re buying clapped out second hand 4x4’s! They’re so disorganized they’ve no transporters so they actually drive them one by one 2000 miles! Then they actually fit them with hillbilly armour! And use them as ambulances! Thanks Vlad!”

Mission Ukraine allowed The Telegraph team to witness this stabilisation unit at work. This small British charity buys reliable second-hand 4x4s in England and sends them over to Ukraine to be repurposed at their expense as field ambulances capable of transporting two patients. The interiors are stripped and lined with galvanised aluminium. Many such vehicles are needed - their useful life in war averages only six weeks. Sometimes up to seven vehicles can wait at the evacuation point.
It was Mission Ukraine’s latest, a Mitsubishi Shogun, that got us to the military hospital. Its driver, Rose Cecil, had brought it, alone, 2,619 miles from England. Last year, she tells me, her niece, who has assisted Ukrainian refugees in Dorset, asked her for help. Three days later, Rose set off on the first of her solitary drives east. This one is her third. “The only empty bit is the return journey,” she says.

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Belgorod again

You’ve quite the imagination. Anything I’ve written resembling this kind of thing has been in amazement at the ‘worlds 2nd greatest army’ getting it’s ass handed to it by a nation that ‘never really existed’ Quite the feat to have 20k dead soldiers (not disputed) in 4 months trying to take a city smaller than Galway by a people that don’t exist. They are deploying 70 year old tanks in place of artillery pieces and then claiming they are being used in lieu of artillery ??? Tanks use degrees, artillery uses mils - so 1/18th of the accuracy, tank barrels have a lifespan a fraction of an artillery piece.

If you are tut tutting at the loss of life, I wonder if you were to ask those men if they’d prefer if the Rosgvardia were shooting them in the back of the head after being tortured and watching their girlfriends being raped in front of them? They were only getting started in Bucha. Lots of examples on the Russian mainstream media of commentators urging total eradication of Ukrainians.

Sorry Champ. They’re a conscript army. They don’t get to decide what they’d prefer. That’s what Zelensky has done to Ukraine. He is a criminal. He provoked a war by talking about arming himself with Nukes and applying for NATO membership.

I’ve seen the electoral map of Ukraine pre Color revolution. And I know what it’s like to live in a country under constant foreign NGO and foundation inspired propaganda.


What happened in Bakhmut, big Serge gives his opinion

Salient point by Big Serge

So, my current working estimates for losses in the Battle of Bakhmut are some 45,000 for Ukraine, 17,0000 for Wagner, and 5,000 for other Russian forces.
But perhaps even this misses the point.
Ukraine was losing its army, Russia was losing its prison population.

Dudes and dudettes, there is no point value or need in personalising anything here, other than the ideas at hand, or better still, greater discernment. I don’t think anyone has all the info and the level of info warfare directed at the people these last few years is out of this world.

If I remember correctly buried back here somewhere is that moment where the likes of Simple Coveney and the EU said they’d support a headless Ukraine, how long has Zel Boy’s world tour been on the road recently where he has not been back in Ukraine proper, is it a few weeks, a month or longer?

Is Ukraine on full Zombie mode?

It might explain a lot for all observers.

If so, might the people of Ukraine wake up and change the course of history and see this whole thing stopped dead and save further killings and destruction?

It’s interesting how the MSM are still trying to portray two narratives that are completely at odds.

The first is that The Ukraine has inflicted such terrible damage on the Russian army so as to render it close to collapse.

The second that despite being sent hundreds of billions of support already, they STILL need more.

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3 weeks now.