Russia, liberating Ukraine from the clutches of the Menace



From the Daily Telegraph -

“While Russia made some gains, “Ukrainian resistance has been strong across all axes and inflicted significant cost on Russian forces", Britain’s Defence Intelligence reported on Sunday.

It came as analysts warned Russian forces may only have one chance to win the war before exhausting their army.

Michael Kofman, director of Russia studies at CNA in Washington DC, has said that the battle is “the last major offensive the Russian military can attempt given the current state and availability of forces”.

It could be the case that, although Russian forces make territorial gains, they exhaust themselves in the process and are unable to hold those gains, instead falling victim to Ukrainian counterattacks.”

Sounds like the Russians are running out of time - again….


A major policy shift was announced by the German government, which has authorised the supply of about 50 Gepard Flakpanzer anti-aircraft tanks.
Held in storage for the past decade, they will get technical upgrades before being shipped to Ukraine.

Last time German tanks went East they carried Swastikas, now they’re going to defend a country of alleged “Nazis”.

Looks like WWIII is now another step closer!


Things getting serious now.


Russia has halted gas deliveries to Poland under the Yamal contract, Polish news website reports

& Bulgaria

Gas prices up almost 20%.


Moving along nicely, still waiting for senior European politicians to shot stop


I don’t really see what all the fuss is about. This shipment is literally the bare minimum that Germany was asked to provide. These things are 50 years old, have paper thin armour, obsolete weapons, and have spent the last decade in storage. All the Russian air defence stuff is missile-based I believe, while this still uses autocannon, which no one uses anymore. I’ll be surprised if these shoot down more than 1 or 2 Russian aircraft. They may even be completely useless.


It doesn’t really matter if the kit is outdated, the mere fact hat it is on the move is a symbolic escalation. In WWII, the US was sending old equipment to the UK in the months leading up to Pearl Harbour attack. So the sending of heavier hardware to Ukraine is another small step on the path to WWIII.


Does this not even enter into the minds of the average peasant.


Winning friends and influencing people, Putin-style. Bulgaria is the most pro-Russian country in the EU, yet they’ve had their gas cut off.


Interesting take from the Guardian.

“ The broader, negative political impact of the war, should it rage on indefinitely, is almost incalculable. The UN’s future as an authoritative global forum, lawmaker and peacekeeper is in jeopardy, as more than 200 former officials warned Guterres last week. At risk, too, is the credibility of the international court of justice, whose injunction to withdraw was scorned by Putin, and the entire system of war crimes prosecutions.

In terms of democratic norms and human rights, the full or partial subjugation of Ukraine would spell disaster for the international rules-based order – and a triumph for autocrats everywhere. What message would it send, for example, to China over Taiwan, or indeed to Putin as he covets the vulnerable Baltic republics? Islamist terrorists who now furtively plot to exploit the west’s Ukraine distraction would relish such a victory for violence.”

It seems that some are beginning to realise that the propoganda that they were being fed by the Zelensky regime is not in keeping with facts on the ground. The unspoken message in the above article is that Russia is making significant gains in the East of the country and will likely win the war.

The question for us in Europe should therefore be whether we are willing to slash our standard of living and possibly impoverish ourselves in defence of a corrupt Eastern European mafia regime that is indistinguishable from Putins Russia.

Zelensky and his pals were specifically mentioned in the Pandora Papers as having questions to answer with regard to their extensive property portfolios in various locations around the globe. According to Wikipedia the President of Ukraine earns in the region of 12k euros per annum.

Are European leaders really going to impoverish their own citizens to support a regime run by a gangster cabal? Not to mention prolonging an unwinnable conflict in which many Ukrainians will die needlessly.

Surely it’s time to enter meaningful negotiations with Russia with a view to ending the war.


looks like it, IMO the gangster cabal seem to be taking orders from the US, just like most of Europe, the Germans sometimes seem a little hesitant, but keep quiet, while the UK are happy to follow orders

The sooner it ends the better, Putin seems to be headed for Odessa, but its a long way, Odessa is twice the size of Mariupol, that battle will be total carnage

The US have to factor the idea that the Russians can reach, then take Odessa. leaving the Ukraine land locked, do they not care because it will weaken the Russian Army, and keep Germany and Russia divided, who cares about the Ukrainian suckers who die


Why that reads like the Menace is being dismantled before our eyes.

Is The Menace media trying to front run their loss of total informational control online, if the stuff on Telegram and elsewhere gets to Twitter and it’s no longer controlled by Menace… all bets are off.

Apply that to any topic of primal contention, extrapolate the consequences.

Go find an old dictionary and look up the world APOCALYPSE


No day goes past without some senior western politician proclaiming that Ukraine will be “successful” and that Russia is “failing”. This is certainly morale-boosting. But it is clearly nonsense.

The fact is, day by day, more towns and cities are destroyed and then fall to the Russians. In two months, the area under Russian control – originally just the breakaway parts of Donbas – has grown to perhaps five times the size. If Russia continues to suffer “defeats” at this pace, then in another two months the entire south of Ukraine will be in ruins, cities such as Odesa will resemble Mariupol, and thousands upon thousands more Ukrainians will have died.


Next up in winning friends and influencing people, Putin-style. Putin likens the separatists in eastern Ukraine to Kosovars. Serbian tabloids go nuts.


  1. Putin stabbed Serbia in the back.
  2. Putin is playing for Kosovo.
  3. Putin forgot on Serbs and Kosovo because of his war.
  4. Pure interest.
  5. Putin recognizes Kosovo.
  6. Celebrations in Pristina, Zagreb and Sarajevo over Putin’s statement.

What sort of Russian dildo manages to piss off Serbia?




Oliver Stone

20m. – Neocon Objectives - I’ve been following the Ukraine situation since 2014 with Robert Parry leading the way as a teacher. I’ve followed the burnings in Odessa, the persecution without legal rights and murders of journalists, mayors, politicians, and citizens. I’ve followed the banning of the main opposition party, which had higher polls than the Zelenskyy government. I’ve been shocked by the sheer hatred expressed against the Russian-Ukrainian minority. It’s a long and sad story devolving from the 2014 coup, co-engineered by the U.S., which stripped Ukraine of its neutrality and made it vociferously anti-Russian; in the eight years since, some 14,000 innocent people in the Ukraine have been killed, none of which was seriously covered by our media.

I’ve watched with mounting fear these past weeks as Victoria Nuland once again emerged out of the blue, warning the Russians and us – the target audience – that if the Russians use a nuclear device of any kind, there’ll be hell to pay. This was quickly picked up by a host of Administration officials and TV channels in the following days, amplifying the same idea – Russia going nuclear. All this coming because of Putin’s restatement of Russia’s nuclear policy, which btw is not as aggressive as our nuclear posture. This made me wonder, why repeat this over and over? First, there were all the war crimes charges which came fast and furious and need serious investigation and evidence

As a result, I wonder if the U.S. is setting the stage for a low-yield nuclear explosion, of unknown origin, somewhere in the Donbass region, killing thousands of Ukrainians? Of course, if that happened, God forbid, all the world’s eyes would be trained, like a Pavlov dog, to blame Russia. That guilt has been set up already in advance, regardless of who launched the device. This usage would certainly impact the remaining 50% of world opinion, which isn’t in the Western camp. Russia would be the Satan, the Beelzebub. Keep in mind, it’s hard to know where a nuclear device is fired from, especially in a fast-moving situation like this war, in which it seems Russia can be accused of any behavior, no matter how preposterous. It would probably take a few days to find out the truth, but the truth isn’t important. The perception is, and the U.S. is running a perception war with great skill and blunt force, saturating the CNN/Fox airwaves and our satellite countries in Europe and Asia as I’ve never seen before.

In doing this, we’d be one step closer to getting what we hope is another Yeltsin, who can create for our country another huge ideological and business opportunity. But, more important, in the bargain, isolate China from Russia. Of course, China would be the next target if Russia falls. This, believe, is the dream scenario of the neoconservative anarchists in our government to make what they deem a better “rule-based world.”


One minute video of mapped territory/clashes over the first two months.


So we need to ask: what does victory actually look like?

For Ukraine’s government, it means first that the Russian army is defeated on the battlefields of Donbas and is pushed back to where it was stationed before 24 February 2022. Polling, meanwhile, indicates consensus among the people regarding the return of Crimea and Donbas