Russian Mobilisation

A salient point I presume the Menace media will air requires a dedicated topic as perfectly surmised by this extract that tallies with my own view outlook in terms of coverage and reality:

So keep these realities in mind even as exultant western mainstream media reports in coming days rejoice in the almost inevitable “glorious victory” at Liman.

And then consider the most relevant realities of all:

For several weeks now, seemingly endless trains of Russian military equipment have been flowing from Russia into Ukraine. The video evidence of this unprecedented buildup is abundant, and has increased notably over the past two weeks, and particularly in recent days.

Make no mistake, these are not columns of rusty, antiquated Khrushchev-era tanks and vehicles, as the clueless empire propagandists would have you believe. From what I have seen, it is pristine stuff – hundreds of top-shelf tanks, self-propelled artillery, infantry fighting vehicles, hundreds of rocket artillery launchers, impressive numbers of various air-defense systems, and uncounted seemingly brand-new support vehicles of all types.

Yes, much to the chagrin of the many Russian-friendly analysts I follow, it appears virtually none of this huge buildup of military strength has been promptly distributed to the front lines. The valiant forces who have fought at Kupyansk, Liman, and other places for the past several weeks have apparently been adequately supplied, but not substantially reinforced. The ongoing buildup is clearly being reserved for “something big” that is yet to come.

People need to see to understand.

2 weeks left. :whistle:

Apparently big Russian sub deployed into Baltic - rumored to have Posiedon weapon on board.

Expect false flag then WW3 soon. God help us all.

:us_outlying_islands: :ru: NATO has sent an intelligence report to member countries warning of the “missing from the base” of the Russian nuclear submarine K-329 Belgorod, which carries up to 6 Poseidon torpedoes - known as the “Paladin of the Apocalypse” - La Repubblica reported.

The US has activated a satellite network to track torpedoes by the temperature the torpedoes emit when they are activated, but they are unable to detect them underwater.