Ruth Savill of Paris Bakery

Anyone know what other business this lady is involved with, described as Millionaire Wicklow business woman

I think she may be an ex of Peter Savill a publisher (I think) who built an international standard cricket ground near the Beehive in Wicklow. The pavilion is a replica of ampleforth’s.

Not a cricket fan but that is mad and classy

“I say old boy, if you build it, they will surely come?”

Was there once - pretty impressive. He had Ireland play the Rest of the World for the opening gig.

In 1 of the earlier IT stories 3.5 months ago, she’s the owner and seems to be in the know on the big picture … -1.1693771

And recently she denies any involvement for the past 6 months…but is still down as a director…Irish company directors really are a forgetful bunch … -1.1810762

17,300 per month. Bo…X