S&P: Construction to sink Irish growth

S&P says what we already know.

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The 1% scenario is the most likely. I find it impossible to believe that housing output next year will exceed 45k and am firmly of the opinion that it will undershoot 40k .

Add in some commercial retrenchment and the 1% scenario is reasonable.

Unless there’s an interest rate cut, of course. Then things will motor along just as merrily as before…

Interest rate cuts in 2008 to boost economy and property market … t-2007.pdf

Ah Yes, hooke and mc donald.

If you read DOWN to the bottom of the document you find the most fascinating DISCLAIMER

The DISCLAIMER itself is not information and therefore it MAY BE PUBLISHED without prior approval , innit Ken my son.

It does mean that any information given out on on sales in new developments is approximate and not hard information … this being so until contracts are signed.

crashandburn, here is something a little more reliable(scroll to the end)!

thepropertypin.com/viewtopic … &start=120

I never thought I’d live to see the day that a Hooke & MacDonald economists forecasts were used as a serious economic argument.

Well done sir! You have brightened up a dull Monday morning.


It has to be said however that if the Euro area is dragged into a deflationary recession then rates might fall (or settle in estate agent parlance).

Here is the Home Page of The 2Pack Economic Forecasting Unit which is now on a retainer from the IPAV and the IAVI …yes both of them …to talk the market out of its doldrums.

Ye all know 2Pack is a very seeeeeerious economist and that 2Pack will prevail .

Yes. No more 100% mortgages, banks raising their rates without reference to ECB, increasing the stress test and even Subprime lenders fleeing the Irish market!!!


Thats even more pessimistic than the pin.

Re property being overvalued - I’ve always maintained that approx a 50% fall will be witnessed.

2gaffs will have a canary when he reads this.

Yep the matinee - oh no it isn’t; oh yes it is…