SAFIRE Plasma Reactor

I’m predicting right here and now that this turns out to be 100% bullshit, like all the other devices that have claimed exotic fusion reactions. In the meantime, lots of investors will be fleeced.

US scientists boost clean power hopes with fusion energy breakthrough

10 years away and always will be.
Probably even more so now with the current calibre of US dept of energy nuclear officials.

the lasers of the National Ignition Facility deposited 2.05 megajoules into their target in that experiment. Measurements of the energy released afterward indicate that the resulting fusion reactions set loose 3.15 megajoules, a factor of roughly 1.5. That’s the highest output-to-input ratio yet achieved in a fusion experiment.

Before we get to visions of fusion power plants dotting the landscape, however, there’s the uncomfortable fact that producing the 2 megajoules of laser power that started the fusion reaction took about 300 megajoules of grid power

Everywhere reporting this as 2mj input 3mj output. Very poor reporting