Saint Mary's, 68 Orwell Park, Dublin 6 … -6/1602927

Asking €1.25 million and sold for around a million.

Formerly owned by Tony Dean of A1 Waste fame, friend of Bertie, and responsible for multiple illegal dumping enterprises such as Kerrdiffstown landfill, such as:

A receiver’s sale.

He had very grand plans for the house: … ID=6302/05

These works were costed at over a million. Still, a real trophy house that would be around 4,500 square feet after the building works for 2 million.

The good folks in Orwell Park must be a bit disappointed and the current asking prices are looking a bit high: … n-6/368950 - €3,900,000 … n-6/405966 - €2,400,000 … -6/1255684 - €1,700,000

The last house has an offer of €1,300,000 for months but the agent is not interested.

Some very high prices were achieved for houses in Orwell Park in the good times: … 35435.html

A large newly-built house on Orwell Park in Rathgar has sold for around €7 million through Lisney New Homes. The five-bed detached house is one of three being built by developer Eugene Renehan on an attractive site that includes an original house, and two further large new houses. … 72975.html

Rathgar:€ 4.5mA family home on Orwell Road with lots of space and a good garden ticks all the right boxes says Bernice Harrison

Sale Agreed: … -6/1602927

Yours for a million.

“68 Orwell Park was sold through Savills for in excess of its €1.25m asking price.” … 45049.html

Oh boy oh boy - we really need a correct register of actual house prices! Didn’t we learn the last time - you can’t really believe everything an EA says.

Sold 4/5/2012 for €1.55m … enDocument