Sale agreed - boiler needs serviced. How pays ?

Hi There

I’ve gone sale agreed and got a survey done. The survey says that the gas boiler is leaking water and needs a service.

Recommends that I should get this looked at before closing.

Do I ask the estate agent to get the vendor to service it and I pay for it or should i let him take care of it ?

If he gets some dodgy plumper to service it then I could have a big bill next winter, if it needs replaced.

Anyone any experience on this matter ?


Hmmm… it is leaking water but only needs a service… seems a bit strange… If it is only a service then I would close and get it done myself. It will be about €100 and you will have piece of mind that you got someone to do it properly.

He recommends it needs a full service but he’s not an expert. He told me the guy doing the service could recommend it needs a part or replaced. Basically it needs checked out by someone fully qualified.

What’s the BER cert rating? I would get it checked out by an expert, then you would know whether its just a service or a full replacement. If its a full replacement then you might want to start some haggling.

Short answer is you will have to pay unless you think you can get a deduction off the sale price.

It needs a new boiler about 2 grand so I’d look for a reduction im the price

Totally agree - if the vendor does it, it’ll be a patch-up bodge job. Look for a reduction.

Agree, going to get someone look at it. If it just needs a service I’ll pay for that.

But if it needs fixed/replaced . I think i’ll be haggling.

Has anyone got any recommendation for gas boiler experts in the north Dublin area ?

Looking over on there seems to be a lot of cowboys.

how did you establish this? Are you a certified technician who has examined the unit?

…you don’t have to be a certified technician to say that the boiler needs replacing (as opposed to saying it’s fit for service). I have a mental image of someone walking away from the boiler with a lump-hammer in his hand, “yep, needs a new boiler”

It’s just that the surveyor who looked at the property said there’s water leaking & the boiler needs to be serviced. He’s suggested that whoever is servicing the boiler could recommend the course of action. cjs, based on this, has stated the boiler needs replacing & this will cost €2k - encouraging the bloke to look for €2k to be knocked off the price of the house after it’s gone sale agreed. Airtricity & BG do boiler servicing. Instead of encouraging the bidder to reduce his offer, why not establish the facts first.

Calm down calm down!

Don’t be falling out over my unserviced sale agreed boiler!

Survey suggested the boiler is leaking water and needs serviced. The service could lead to work.

The general thoughts over on boards is not to go with the big companies as they sub - contract the work out at a terrible rate.
This puts the contractor under pressure to complete the job quick to get to another job, hence you don’t get a full service.

Remembered this tread from a while back…I will PM you the number of a reasonably priced certified boiler technician. … php?t=2818

Good luck getting a reduction in the “Sale Agreed” price in this market - over a leaky, unserviced boiler!

You are probably right but no askee no getee.

If you have to replace the boiler get a Veismann a few hundred euro extra buys you the best engineered condenser boiler on the market.

Thanks Rimbaud. I appreciate the help.

Hifi, I’ll only look for a reduction if its too expensive to fix. Fingers crossed it only needs a service and a screw tightened .


Legally, you have to be RGI registered to work on gas appliances and a cert issued by the governing agency RGII has to be issued on completion. You are entitled to insist on an RGII-issued cert that the boiler has been serviced, leak fixed and is fit for use. Which covers you to at least some degree.

See cert 3

I’d a new boiler fitted recently and whilst I’d have questions about aspects of the work and the motivation of the crew, there was no doubt they had standards in mind as to what and wasn’t permissible what with being RGI registered.

Cheers York.
That’s the information I was looking for. Didn’t know what the standard was with gas work.

Now I need to find a good RGI plumber.


I’d let the vendor find himself a good RGI plumber since certified work is what will grant protection, not your or the vendor taking on the gas fitter. I doubt the vendor would let a sale slip for a trifling matter and if not prepared to resolve this issue before closing then I’d suspect other than a trifling issue.

All you know is that there’s a leak. It could be nothing more than a loose gland. It could also terminate in the need to replace the boiler in which case the expense needn’t be insignificant.

I was selling recently and our otherwise perfectly functioning boiler had an occasionally sticking diverting valve - we used to have to tap the valve whenever it stuck to free it. Wanting to hand over the house in good working order I checked out getting the valve replaced: the valve itself cost 150 euro but neither myself or the fitter were confident that the part could be easily removed without damaging/dislodging other components. And the unit was nearly 15 years old at this stage. A tonne of time spent and perhaps more parts being required. The costs were starting to rack up so thoughts turned to a new boiler.

New boiler for 1000 without installation
Larger gas supply to conform with regs - more time and materials
Exhaust flue to suit condensing boiler
Old flue didn’t exit in a way to conform to regs - new flue out through roof so…
Roof sealing kit for the flue plus work to get up there to install it
It’d be a shame not to change the old rad valves to thermostatic whilst at it - the old ones do weep a bit. “Agreed … go ahead”
Repairs to damaged paintwork involved in the work…

Best left to the vendor to organize…