Sale Agreed in D4

In the last 4 weeks there has been some amount of activity at the high end of the D4 market (8 sale agreed properties with asking prices over €1m)

12 Burlington Road (last asking €1,850k) … -4/2556963

7 Shrewsbury Park (last asking €1,250k) … -4/2504584

174 Merrion Road (last asking €1,500k) … -4/2453415

St Peters Ailesbury Road (last asking €3,000k) … -4/1934255

7 Ailesbury Drive (last asking €1,200k) … -4/2489555

4 Fitzwilliam Street (last asking €1,250k) again … in/2581666

31 Raglan Road (last asking €2,400k) … -4/2521240

125 Strand Road (last asking €1,250) … -4/2570820

Any signs that this is partly investment (rather than PPR) activity?

Could be just the ‘Freeman of the Land’ gang investing their profits from the Kilkenny Ponzi scheme…sure they’ll all be walking round for years, Fingers and Seanie style. :slight_smile:

It’s all those foreign cash buyers…that many high value transactions in a short period in a relatively quiet market will send the house price averages doolally…the boom is back baby

Not sure if you’re being sarcastic or not…

Realistically, it could be Irish investor cash buyers. Think of all the capital cities where property prices don’t make any sense in terms of the underlying local economy. This is when they are driven by wealth and financial asset investment. Just my 2c.

I have no doubt that there are people in this country who can afford such purchases, ‘foreign cash buyer’ is something we hear from EAs the odd time, as if there were plane loads of Russians/Chinese, with plane loads of cash arriving daily.

My post was more to do with how a group of high ‘value’ transactions in a very quiet market will skew figures to make average house prices in this area go postal, and thus provide fodder for EAs re rising markets

7 Pembroke Park (last asking €1650k) sale agreed

Another 2 Sale Agreed

1 Ailesbury Road (last asking €3.15m) Requires big refurb to convert from offices to residential
76 Merrion Road (last asking €1,500k)

I would guess that the average time from going sale agreed to appearing in the PPR is somewhere in the between 5-6 months. As follows

Sale agreed to sellers solicitor issuing contracts: 1 month
Buyer Solicitor reviewing contracts and completing searches:1.5 months
Signing contracts and normal closing period 1.5 months
Solicitor paying stamp duty: 1 month
PPR reporting delay: 1/2 month

The aboves assumes no major title issues or other hiccups.

So I would happily take a small bet (proceeds to charity) that the majority of these properties will be on the register by 1st April (6 months later).

That’s the problem with averages only 50% will close within the time frame :slight_smile:

12 Burlington road now listed as sold on myhome

Also #51 Wellington Road listed as sold on myhome

Merely noting progress :slight_smile: … nsion.html

One of the famed overseas purchasers in link above.

Correct. Most overseas investors are Irish looking for a bolthole. Complete bollix that we have other nations piling into D4 other than embassy types.

174 Merrion Raod sold 14-10-13 for €1,325k vs asking of €1,500k

Originally €1.95m, but that was just Sherry Fitz being wildly ambitious.

7 Ailesbury Drive Sold 3-10-13 for €1,100k vs asking €1,200k

12 Burlington road, sold for €1,860k on 11-10-13

125 STRAND RD, sold €1,270k on 23/12/13

7 SHREWSBURY PARK, sold 31/10/13 for €1,200k