Sale Agreed with 1 EA - Back on the market yesterday

Have an email alert set up on Daft and got an email for the following property yesterday 06/10/09 - Alerts are only sent when the house is first put on the market
On browsing through Daft, I discover that the same property is Sale agreed with another EA. Does this not seem odd? Could be someone trying to make a fast buck after buying much cheaper Or?

Most likely an automated response from the website. It assumes that when a property is to be no longer listed, it has been sale agreed, rather than, say, ummm, I don’t know, the estate agent being sacked. :unamused:

I’d say the ‘sale agreed’ fell through and the seller started again with a new EA. The original EA is keeping the ad up there on Daft to make his business look better.

No, redo is more likely correct. Happens all the time.

I’ve noticed the house I currently rent has been put up as ‘Sale Agreed’ - well unless you call the actual owner selling it to themselves - then there was no sale involved in this case. Our LL took it off the market having dropped the price from 780 to 350 without a buyer !

I suspect in this case the old EA changed the statud to ‘Sale Agreed’ in order to make himself look better.

That must explain the pick up

We are getting sales but no cash

Another theory:

Vendor is covering him/herself in the likely event that the sale agreed falls through. Wants viewings to continue until contracts are exchanged. Estate Agent won’t agree to that - wants the traditional gentleman’s agreement to prevail. Vendor is continuing viewings with another EA so as not to be left high and dry in 3 months.