Sales in Jan 2013 lowest on PPR

According to the property price register fewer houses were sold in Dublin and Ireland in Jan 2013 than the previous 3 Januarys e.g. 288 sold this Jan in Dublin compared with 416 last Jan. I suppose the end to MIR would explain that.

Perhaps this deserves its own thread (here) but already mentioned here (in “2nd hand bubble” thread)…

There is an approximate 2 month reporting lag with PPR figures.

Roughly speaking

45% of all sales reported at the end of the month
95% of all sales reported 30 days after month end
99% of all sales reported 60 days after month end

My best estimate is 640 for the month or a range of 550 to 700

I am not able to provide one :slight_smile:

I kept track of the number of property sales reported for each month over time.

I have data for months May 12 to Jan 2013 on dates 2-10-12, 2-11-12, 3-12-12, 14-1-13, 29-1-13 and 5-2-13.

Applying a simple run-off triangle I get the development described above.

Some example for data in north county Dublin (2 areas i’m looking - not being selective with data);


Q1 2010 - 15
Q1 2011 - 12
Q1 2012 - 8
Q1 2013 (so far) - 2


Q1 2010 - 32
Q1 2011 - 31
Q1 2012 - 28
Q1 2013 (so far) - 6

You won’t get a clear picture on January PPR figures until end of Feb at earliest.

I was involved in a couple of transactions last year, and noticed that there was a lag of 3 weeks in one case between when the sale was reported as closed and when it showed up in PPR.

Others i have observed have followed a similar pattern

Thought id do swords too

Q1 2010 - 39
Q1 2011 - 36
Q1 2012 - 35
Q1 2013 (so far) - 6

Figures for Dublin

392 properties sold Jan 2010
315 properties sold Jan 2011
416 properties sold Jan 2012

A total of 1409 properties sold in Q1 2012.

thanks, wasn’t aware of that. just down to lazy solicitors?

Casero figures appear reasonable, when i looked at the figures for Dec 2012 on Jan 4th-5th less than half were on the register at that stage. Registration isnt instantenous, this would be clear to anyone who has dealings with solicitors.

looking through PPR I see 10 of these 2 bed houses in Carrickmacross, Monaghan were sold for 97K each in the last month.
They seem to be sold for very healthy prices.
Anyone know anything about them. I can find no information about a developer.
I can only assume they went to county council or housing authority but can find no announcements.

just doing a daft search of that area sees new 4bed semis asking about twice that so probably not outrageous based on local asking but I have not looked at the ppr to compare actual sale prices in the area. Must be a council/housing association bulk buy as you say. I wonder how buoyant the retired downsizer market is in Carrick?

casero is correct, I have seen the monthly totals build over time.

Also - maybe you should hold back from casting aspersions.

So you decided to do it again? I don’t think it’s fair to brand another member of the PIN like that.

What sold through PPR is lower. I looked on PPR before asking. I don’t believe Carrickmacross is special. Prices in Monaghan, Leitrim, Longford and Roscommon are uniformly depressed.
Since these sales were registered in January I’d also fear someone was trying to spend their budget in 2012 in case they didn’t get it again in 2013.
How much exactly would 10 small 2 bed semi detached houses be worth in a Carrickmacross be worth? €97K each. I don’t think so.

As some folks have mentioned, there is bound to be at least a 2 months lag.

After purchase your have 28 days to file stamp duty return and then for data to be entered onto the system

I think enough has been said here, you’re probably clever enough to get the message.

The retirement houses in Carrickmacross,
You wouldn’t know what is going on there but I note the DNG Agent is the son of a former FF senator who was great pals with Fingers. I just hope it’s all above board.

Perhaps you would like to build a website to verify the information.

I note that the average number of properties (as reported by in Dublin removed from in each rolling monthly period since the website went live on 11th September is 1,003 (min 807 max 1,446).

To quote Evilal
" was born from this thread on, where a user made some claims about volumes of properties on that are removed each day. Scripts were scripted, programmes were programmed and the claims were quickly disproved. evilal decided to start gathering the data on an ongoing, automated basis and make it available to anyone who wants to use it. "


ps the average number of hosues sales per month in Q4 2012 - 1,003 (correlation, covarience or just a happy coincidence)

Doesn’t make any difference as you track from each register updated.

But be careful in case “Scripts were scripted, programmes were programmed and the claims were” verified :slight_smile: