Sam Smyth: Brian Lenihan only one who can save Fianna Fail

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Would Mr Smyth like to declare an interest?

By what barometer does Sam conclude that Lenny is a) popular or b) respected? And how does he gauge that he is tops of the pops in either category? :question:

He forgot Enda Kenny :unamused:

That’s why I’m asking if Smyth has an interest to declare.

the barometer that compares him to his boss. none other.

Well, I didn’t have to ask… I was just wondering without having to click into that shite whether he’d divulged something that actually might provide some evidence for his assertion.

Lenny getting the FF gig now would very seriously concern me as I think it would give FF a chance at the next GE. Such is the imbecility of the electorate. Sorry, don’t mean to sound patronising, but seriously they are fucking imbeciles. 1 in 4 TODAY would still vote FF. It’s fucking unbelievable.

I’d prefer Twink myself.

He has done feck all in his constituency. D15 is a hole with the worst social problems in the City and when you are competing with Finglas, Clondalkin, Tallaght and the north Inner City for that distinction that is some achievement.
He did feck all because he didn’t have to do any more.
A three seater with 25% of the electorate on auto-pilot assures FF of one seat in the constituency so he was effectively gifted a seat in Government. The description “a rotten burough” seems apt.
He hasn’t actually achieved much which could be considered positive. He stands for whatever you are having yourself.
He was browbeat by the bankers to bail out their bondholders.
He is letting the priveledged escape their debts though NAMA despite claiming that their will be no bailouts.
He has given us zombie banks.
A typical FFer. Holds power but doesn’t govern.

Lenihan does however talk a good game.

I think Sam Smith confuses *less hated *with popular.
FF will suffer a massive loss no matter who is leading it.

Peter Sutherland on Brian Lenihan in January: … 15702.html

God, I just had a painful vision of 100 years of Taoisigh…

Smyth is a bought and paid for showband drummer turned “journalist” His behaviour in the Frank Connolly story and being fed info. by McDowell is testament to that. A creep of the highest order on a par with Eoghan Harris.

Sam Smyth is died in the wool FF. He is part of the ancien regime and when the purges begin should be one of the first up against the wall.

:smiley: :smiley: Couldn’t agree more.Well put.

To paraphrase someone on the radio recently, that’s not so much an article as a lewd act in a public place.

I genuinely don’t believe I have ever read a more sycophantic opinion piece in my life.
It borders on the creepy.

On the plus side, if Lenihan suffers from constipation, he now knows the cause.

Question, would it be hard to find someone less inappropriate than Biffo?
Answer, more like impossible (unless you include coughlan)
Smyth is a bit on the weird side alright Ive heard him on the radion and could never quite work out if he was for or against and therefore he falls into the arena of untrustworthy.

FF are a dead. This is all very morbid.

Why save a corpse?

Noel O’Flynn getting the knife in.