Sam Smyth: Brian Lenihan only one who can save Fianna Fail

“Brian Lenihan only one who can save Fianna Fail now”

Not even Houdini can safe Fianna FAIL at this stage!!!

As sure as ducks lay eggs 20% will still vote for them in the next election, so to call their death is a little premature.

As to the point of BL saving them, watching him yesterday wasn’t easy, he clearly doesnt fill his suit anymore, and he was hunched during the press conference. Now I was the same for a long time,but I think saving himself might need to be his priority.

I shudder to think who’d we have then as Minister of Finance.

Write them off at your peril TM, although you have a time machine and I have naught but a set of bagpipes. They will hold onto Cowen till six months before the next election, then they will dump every toxic piece of shite at his door and proclaim a line in the sand, a new dawn, a break from the past, you name it.

The old FF cohort will have an excuse to vote for them and here we go again.

Psychophantic I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-Eoghan-Harris-drivel. Saw where it got Harris with Bertie-just using the same template. An accomplished ink salesman.

There’s interesting parallels with the Post-Blair Labour party & the Post-Bertie FF.

Both triumphs of appearance & bluster over substance, & neither one really let anyone around the cabinet table that was ever likely to displace them.

Like others I would council against righting off FF until their six feet under with a stake thru their heart & the lid firmly nailed down.

The IT opinion poll this week showed that almost 1 in 5 voters would still vote FF. And that is after one of the most incompetent performances by any European government since WWII. Put Lenihan in charge and the entire base would return plus some other simple-minded yokels and FF’d be right back in with a chance at the next GE. It is staggering.

And the thing is, I have no idea what FF stand for. What do voters see when they look at them and think, “Oh yes, that chimes with what I believe”? I have no idea what it is. It’s like voting for incompetent technocrats: people who stand for nothing other than trying to run the shop but making a bollox of doing even that. It is simply mystifying to me.

Sam Smyth is an obnoxious crawling dickhead :sick:

FF and FG are both getting it in the neck over NAMA and specifically the bailout of Anglo Irish and INBS, most of the population is seething mad over this and people who f@cked up walked away with a golden handshake. Brian Lenihan is most likely to loose his seat because of banking bailouts, being the decision maker behind this.

Labour is the only mainstream party that has voiced an opposition to the bailouts and that is specifically why they are picking up support. It is also likely that more independents have the best chance to get elected this time as well, especially if they get out now and put their name about and pursue local issues in their constituencies. Ivana Bacik might actually get elected this time as well, God help us. :-GC

Another factor as well is the old stalwarts who form the grass roots of both parties are dying, so there is no influence over the new generation of voters who do not much care for the old stroke politics as they are the ones carrying the burden for the previous years mistakes, they are the ones being most heavily impacted by unemployment and emigration.

The only credible leaders who can emerge from the wreckage of both FF and FG are those that come out against the bailouts and present a credible plan to roll them back, anything else will get them unelected.

The pedant in you Rick will appreciate that he is in fact dyed in the wool FF. BD

Harris is a joker obviously. A dangerous ego maniac.

Yeah, quite right on the “dyed” error.

All that is reqiured apparently is to ensure that all traces of kryptonite are removed from the country, that Lenny eat more spinach instead of garlic. Louis Copeland will have to tailor him on those fetching blue body suits complete with red boots and old-fashioned public telephone kiosks will have to be re-installed all around the country.
Once that’s done its over to Super Lenny

Grand, somebody else to root for!!!

Nah, I keep listening, he re-nourishes my hatred of all things FF.

If Faux ever started an Irish arm, the bould Eoghan would be the anchor.
“Fair & balanced” is probably his motto already.

His new trick is to suggest that everyone who does something that he agrees with is acting on “good authority”.

He is a top drawer clown.

FG haven’t figured out that is why they are not picking up FF support.
As for Lenny losing his seat, it will have more to do with his health than the electorate.