Samantha Mumba can't sell her house, March 3rd 2009 … 58501.html

The irony - I know the guy who built those houses - lives next door. If I remember right they were closer to 1m euro than 2m euro when originally released.

love it. :slight_smile:

They’ve got that property talk down! :wink:

“…that she was happy to wait.”

Hey Samantha, you’d better pack a lunch - it’s gonna be a loonnnnnnggggggg wait !

How can you be on the outskirts of the centre?

Is outskirts of the centre not the middle of nowhere?

Couldn’t find the link, but previously on the 'pin it was noted there was a house a couple of doors down with similar spec for €1.7m.

Utterly delusional.
Looking for 2.2m for a house bought as recently as 2004 for just over a million.
There is an absolutely identical house 2 doors down guiding 700k lower and not getting so much as a sniff either.
Clearly “Savvy Sam’s” price tag has ensured her neighbours are also stricken with milder cases of delusion.

Mumba’s house is just 2 doors the other side away from Ahern.
I mean as an added attraction, the EA cannot any longer even add “sit in your living room window and watch some of the shiftiest characters in business and politics mooch in and out of your neighbour’s house”

Yes, but you get to tell people you are living in a house once owned by Samantha Mumba and…


…who the hell is she again??

The thread title is misleading. It should be ‘Samantha Mumba doesn’t want to sell her house’.


Hey Samantha, you’d better pack a lunch - it’s gonna be a loonnnnnnggggggg wait !

I dunno, might not be that long, how long does it take for a pre pubescant mumba fan to grow up and ammass a multi million euro fortune with enough disposable income to pay a massive premium for an aging pop stars derelict home?

Hmm … could the bad value that irish property represents be down to owners not dropping their prices to realistic levels ?

Cant sell her house -cant sell her music.

She is not exactly doing much at the moment. And if like most stars of her ilk I doubt she made alot from her brief brush with fame. usually its the managers and labels that make the real money for the first 3 yrs (did she last longer than that?).

Wonder what she is doing now though. she was “modeling” for Dunnes or something last yr? Cant see her rolling in the money and having a property portfolio overseas
from wiki
*On Thursday 17th Jan 2008, Samantha appeared on U.K daytime T.V show “Loose Women”. After discussing her time away from the music scene, and her appearance on ITV reality TV show “Dancing On Ice,” which ended abruptly after three weeks, the singer stated that she had almost finished recording her new album, and hoped it would be released in the summer of 2008.

As of September 2008, three brand new tracks have been posted on her MySpace and YouTube. “Candyland”[7], “Turn The Beat Up” and “Bad Boy*”.
*Mumba confirmed on the Late Late Show, February 9, 2007, that a camera crew has been following her on and off for the past 6 months for a Reality TV show which was shown on Channel 4 at the end of March 2007. The show was called Get Your Act Together with Harvey Goldsmith and follows Mumba’s attempts to revive her music career with Harvey Goldsmith as her mentor.

Mumba starred on the 2008 series of Dancing On Ice but was eliminated in week 3.*

I think she is struggling to capitalise on her brief fame (for what, I am not sure, she was some sort of spice girls solo type thing for a few months?). Her Vicar Street appearance last year was reported on Newstalk, apparently it was cancelled as it had too few sales to make it viable.

2,2 million is too high, but IMHO it is unlikely that she has that mortgaged, as it may have been bought with proceeds or royalties a few years back. She can then afford to wait for a suitably gullible buyer.

Price is being tracked at viewtopic.php?f=21&t=25063.

She should sell it to a property developer for 5 million. Then he can offload that 5m mortgage to NAMA (via Anglo Irish) and they’re all be happy.

Ah! You have solved the mystery of what those “3. ???, then 4. Profit!” question marks are! :laughing:

What’s that 3 and 4 from? Forgive me - I’m not really functioning properly today - my NAMA-enraged brain is fried.