San Clemente, Killiney rd

Has anyone been to see this property? … in/2431048

Any views?

I noticed an application for retention of the converted garage in the garden the other day. If I was interested I’d wait until that had been appoved before I did anything. I’ve no doubt it will be granted but I’d still wait.

I’m not interested though. Its a smallish house with an odd layout (bedroom 3 acessed via a storeroom?) on a busy road. Nice garden though.I’m sure it would suit someone, just not us. Some people love bunaglows, some people spend a fortune making them two stoey. The house next door has done a really large job, essentially putting on a second storey with a balcony to the front.

158 m² is smallish?

Looks like they got rid of a lot of the trees that appear in Google Maps.

it is small if you discount the bedoom in the garage accessed via a storeroom.

That leaves 147 m² - are you sure you’re not interested in this place? :wink:

yes, definitely not interested. Busy road and bungalows give me the heebies. My 6 year old says they are for old people and I’m inclined to agree. :smiley: Also, I dont think this house is woth 475. But the fact that I’m *still *renting means I am obviously wrong!!


I do like bungalows but the missis isn’t keen.

Haven’t seen this place (will have a look if there’s a weekend viewing) but methinks there’s work to be done not immediately obvious from the pics. While the road is busy, it’s not overly so that it would put me off. Two decent gardens go a long way to make up for it. I suspect it will get close to asking.

Update - I went to see this last week. It’s bigger than I expected :slight_smile: but its in far worse shape. The EA said the tenants don’t turn on the heat. They own the stove in the living room and plan to take it with them. The smell of damp and rot was incredible. I was shocked that small children lived there. There was also a rat trap very visible in the main bedroom :open_mouth: one couple walked out straight away. One older couple had a builder with them. I heard him mention dry rot but honestly I didn’t see any.

The layout out is odd, it just doesn’t flow well. The back garden is nice and big but very overlooked by the new build in cluny the front garden is nice and big too. The living room is lovely, big and bright.

It needs more money than you think but it could be a great house. There’s an offer of 415 on it.

This is not too close to the “good” parts of Killiney is it? Is it not closer to Ballybrack than Killiney itself?

YES. 158m² is smallish.

People have a tendency in Ireland to believe that the bog standard 90m2 3 bedroom semi-detached copy and paste design method is suitable for general purpose living.

It isn’t.

It’s vastly below requirements.

We live in a climate with very varying conditions.
Generally a cooler temperate climate we’ve got to deal with cold and very rarely warm conditions - that means storage requirements for clothing and belongings. And it shouldn’t mean to be storing them in the attic which probably hasn’t been designed for those storage requirements.

The ceiling height of houses is also likely deficient. Bring back 9 and 10 foot ceilings.

Also, where are you going to store sporting wear, sporting equipment, toys etc in a 90m² dwelling with 4 kids.

Also, I believe that there should be two fully functional bathrooms in houses. One downstairs and one upstairs.
These really do make the difference.
Ideally you probably need three if with family (2 upstairs and one downstairs).

We need decent size houses.

I agree that 158m² isn’t bad but it’s really at the lower end of my acceptable range and that means it’s smallish, in my humble opinion.

Is there a fabulous view of the Pacific sunset? Does Richard Nixon wander the garden muttering to himself?

…well that’s disappointing. :smiley:

Thanks for the update, Burbs. How much are we talking to make this place habitable? 50k? 100k? Sorry a didn’t take a look myself.

Also for the record, I think this is in a good part of Killiney and closer to Dalkey than the 'Brack.

In an ideal world we’d all like a wing for the Swedish nanny twins, but the reality is that for a sub-500k house that has four walls and a roof in SCD 158m² is bigger than the norm.

What is ideal is irrelevant. The only thing that is relevant is what you can find on MyHome for a similar price in a similarly good area. That’s the reality we have to suck up.

agreed, v nice part of killiney.
Some of the windows were new, some need to be replaced. Brand new gas boiler and good radiators. No radiator in the bathroom though. I’ve no idea how much fixing the damp issue would be but it would be a big job! I suspect a roof issue as well as rising damp. It needs a new kitchen and bathroom too. You would probably need to move some internals walls too. So €100k I suspect. You could live with the bad kitchen and very bad bathroom but you simply could not move children in without fixing the damp issue.

As others have stated this in nowhere near Ballybrack rather it’s close to Dalkey and is a lovely area - right in the centre of the “good” part of Killiney.

Interestingly enough the off-the-scale popstar/rich man “best” part of Killiney is actually beside Ballybrack - hence a number of houses in Ballybrack seem to get away with a Killiney address.