San Diego pinsters

Looks like fellow pinsters across the pond. San Diego has been hit hard
by their bubble (not as bad as some areas of LA (Riverside)). It’s uncanny the similarities in discussions between there and here.

Scroll down the main page for Chuck Smiar’s (a local VI) Fence Sitter Threat-O-Graph.

Brilliant, a similar graph should be created for Dan, Austin et al.

There is one floating around somewhere… was it whizzbang’s work?

Excellent graph. The quotes look remarkably like those that have been appearing in the “What they said, when they said it” forum here .

does this article ( a year back there ) look eeeeeerily familiar

and it comes with a spanking graph, now if we could overlay our fuggin EMPTIES that they dont have 8)

Now if you read that , heeeere’s Austin

Austin steered clear of incomes because they could not support 2005 prices and he never mentioned the empties either 8) . He never does .

Chart tracking NAR spin.