Sandford Lodge, Ranelagh - apartments for rent

Thank you for the quick response.

I phoned the lady in Sandford Office about negotiating the lease which is up on October 14th.
I am currently paying €1185 per month currently and I am hoping to reduce the rent to at least €1050 but realistically to around the €1080.

The lady spun me the story that there is a waiting list for 1 bedroom apartments in this complex and that landlord would be looking for €1200 -1250 per month for new leases.

However she said that I could re new our lease at the current lease rate €1185.

Do you think there is any substance that the landlord will get this amount per month?

Am I better to negotiate further and call her bluff about the rent?
Any feedback would be very must appreciated?

Ugh, really not sure. The problem is if you want to stay in Ranelagh, what are the alternatives? It’s fairly thin pickings at the middle-to-upper end of the rental market for 1-beds, so if the agents call your bluff it would be a worry finding something as nice. And there don’t appear to have been any SL apartments available for rent for several months that I’ve noticed.

All the same, €1185 seems out of line. I cannot see another Ranelagh 1-bed asking more than €1000 (and clearing below that presumably). So I suppose the question is whether SL is worth a 20%+ premium over Dexter Terrace, Oakley Rd, Northbrook and the other Ranelagh apartment blocks? It might be.

You could ask for a rolling lease until after the Budget, and tell them you’ll look at renewing for a year at that time. In the aftermath of the Budget, a request for a 10% reduction might not seem unreasonable. You could also cite the Q2 Daft rental report which shows an 8% year on year reduction on rents in South Dublin City, and also shows that €761 is the average D6 1-bed (page 7 and 8 respectively): … 2-2010.pdf <<<<<<< PDF warning!!

In that context and post-budget, €1185 might seem harsh in December.

One bed €1,195, which is €100 up on the last recorded listing in this thread: … -6/949969/

It is possible not all apartments in the development are the same I suppose.

Why must it be Ranelagh, you could find something in Rathmines to your liking and pop down to Ranelagh in 5-10mins

This development was put on the market by the receivers and has been sold for a reported €27m.

Heard there was over 10 bidders on it, 4 going above €25m

The burning of public money continues unabated…

Truly astonishing. :open_mouth:
This is the kind of waste that forces me towards the libertarian/small government argument.

Apologies for going way off topic but I just had a look at their accounts ( to see what this National Adult Literacy Agency is all about. The 2011 results are not out but in 2010 they had income of €2.5m bankrolled almost entirely by the Departments of Education, Social Services and Enterprise & Trade. Of the income, €1.1m was spent on wages and salaries for the 14 directors, €130,000 was spent on property (not including a €62,000 rent grant) and €140,000 on administrative expenses (phone, office machines etc). That’s 55% of the budget spent on running the organisation before anything is spent on actual adult literacy programs.

Then they go on to list the agency’s objectives. Objective Number 1 (Number One no less) is “Secure the support of policy makers and politicians for providing increased resources to adult literacy and numeracy services.”. For this objective €294,726 has been set aside, mostly salaries. So 12% of the funded budget is budgeted to winning more funding. One massive circle jerk.

Christ on a bike, this place is so fucked up it’s beyond farce.

I think we need a National Adult Numeracy Agency badly

EDIT: I wrote a knee-jerk response to this. I since had a look around their site, and realised I have very little idea what issues in adult literacy are. Nevertheless, it seems like a lot of money to spend on an organisation that doesn’t itself deliver adult literacy training, but lobbies and produces reports.

The advocacy industry looks like a massive scam. If it’s not volunteer…

The 1 beds here are now going for €1,400. Seems a bit excessive even for Ranelagh