Sandwidth Street Super Slums or Terror Camp Beside National Maternity Hospital, Holles Street

Holles St National Maternity Hospital is within sight of this location where the Super Slums feeder or is Terror Camp Incubator, hard to know these days, what you will finding lurking on the Street of Dublin, but the Menace will rub it’s hands gleefully at the sight of the mass divide and conquer plans causing chaos and discord in relatively peaceful and civil societies.

May 10th

May 11th - Invasion Support Groups

The speed, the pace.

The confirmation there is nothing protecting the Irish people other than the people themselves.

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McGuirk from Gript is saying the Interpol warrant is false. But does question why someone granted asylum in Sweden has now come here.


The poor campers slant.

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Anti-Irish Times can be relied on to ommit the fact that it was a Communist who swung the pole

Footage had emerged on social media of clashes on Thursday night between residents sleeping in tents and a group of people that approached the camp.

Apparently, someone sleeping in a tent, who arrived a few days ago is “a resident”

In the video, a man can be seen swinging a large pole at a number of people before being physically confronted. According to sources present at the time, at least two people were injured. No arrests were made but gardaí at Pearse Street station were looking into the incident.
“Gardaí attended an incident that occurred at Sandwith Street on Thursday and no formal complaints were made,” said a statement

They’ve also edited out Elizabeth Watson’s original comment

Current web version

Elizabeth Watson, a local Fianna Fáil representative, described the situation as “complex” and said the local community was “concerned” about the camp and the violence.

Archived Version

Elizabeth Watson, a local Fianna Fáil representative, described the situation as “complex” and said the local community was “concerned” about the camp and the violence. “Everyone is at risk, the people in the site who are vulnerable and others in the community who are vulnerable,” said Ms Watson. “We have a lot of older people, families, children and that’s quite frightening for it [the camp] to be in close proximity to them and their home.”

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Ahaa . These teens need replacing. I see.

The old public order chestnut.

Kitty Holland will be along shortly to put the blame in the hands of some lads in Dublin shirts.

Followed by a follow up “Not in my name” piece by this tool of the establishment

Reports on social media show the guards removing a samurai sword from the activist encampment.

Some of the chronicling of events on the telegram machine via Late Stage Ireland

Earlier, some local mothers spoke to Gavin Pepper about their concerns over the squat off Sandwith Street.

They said their children feared playing outside or walking the dogs after locals had been abused by the men at the camp. One local man had his glasses smashed last night.

“You don’t feel safe in your own neighbourhood. We feel like we’re foreigners. This is our bleedin’ country and we should be able to walk up here. I’m from this area all me life.”

“It’s not even Ukrainian women or kids. It’s all men. We don’t need any more men.”

They believe if their children or some homeless Irish people had set the squat up, it would have been dismantled by Dublin City Council immediately.


Some of that outside of Ireland perception via the twitter machine of the Battle of Pearse Street or dismantling of a “Shanty town”

The gay Indian prick has chimed in.

As we’ve said before, at this stage everything the government and NGO’s and their propagandists say and announce backfires. There is a concerted regime propaganda effort. This will backfire. As more people will say, “actually I hate regime too”

One of the fakeugees is from Botswana. Botswana is the wealthiest, most stable place in Africa. If he can claim asylum, then there is no “system”. And he was chosen by the reporter as a presentable example. So the other fakeugees are even more self evidently chancers.

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@Open_Window a fascinating article and discussion from 2006 on the Afghan asylum seekers who were hunger striking, the Far Left and the locals response to them

Throughout the vigil - and for some time before - those there in solidarity, including the schoolkids, were subjected to repeated taunts, abuse and racist chants from a group of local teenagers.


As I arrived at St Patricks this afternoon an ambulance was leaving the church. The man in blue below shouted ‘I hope they are dead’ and he and his friend laughed. They spent the afternoon with the first man pictured above.

This is the picture of the man who has attended the vigil each night, bringing different people with him to taunt the demonstraters

I don’t think the comments quoted above - “they are all terrorists”, “they will rape and kill our women”, “kick them out now or this country will go to ruin”, “they are taking our jobs” etc. - are unlawful, and nor do I think they should be.
Upholding the fundamental principle of free speech means that the police must not interfere with demonstrations or counter-demonstrations, even when you or I might disagree with the chants of racist demonstrators. There is a fundamental and inevitable trade-off here: Anti-war and anti-racist activists MUST tolerate racist chants and comments in exchange for the right to chant anti-war, anti-fascist, anti-Bush or anti-Howard slogans when it is our turn.

I asked the lone guard (who was standing laughing and joking wiht the racists at times) outside the cathedral if he took any of the names of the people involved and he told me that he didnt but that he was aware of who they were. When I asked him about taking their names or taking any action against the racists due to the fact that they were openly inciting racial hatred and making comments that were clearly racial harrassment and abuse he told me that he was told by his superiors that he wasnt to stop anybody from protesting. When I explained that I wasnt asking him to stop anybody from protesting, just to stop people from making unlawful comments he told me that not everything they were saying was racist and reiterated that he wasnt there to stop anyone from protesting.

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The Irish establishment went nuts when the story went international at 5pm yesterday

ByJessica Abrahams14 May 2023 • 5:10pm

Senior Gardaí are now briefing against other Senior Gardai. I haven’t seen that in a long time. We may need a Garda civil war thread. I assume the criticism comes from a female senior Garda who has never been near a protest.

Meanwhile, there is growing unease within An Garda Síochána around the policing of anti-immigration protests, with members of the force unhappy a more proactive approach is not being taken. Several Garda sources told The Irish Times a level of disorder, meeting the threshold of criminality, had been in evidence at many protests for months and they were concerned the response was not more firm.

Gardaí are fearful last Friday’s incident may result in copycat targeting of homeless asylum seekers living in tents. Some, however, pointed out the size and frequency of anti immigration protests had been reducing for months and had never gained significant traction.

Sources said the main objective of last Friday night’s operation was safeguarding the foreign nationals who had been living in tents at the location and keeping the rival groups apart, both of which were achieved. Other sources pointed out while a man had been arrested on suspicion of a public order offence, no criminal investigation had been establish immediately to conduct a follow-up inquiry into the scenes witnessed.

There’s a complete lying propaganda war going on here. Sneakily implying that there was violence. There was none.