Sarah Carey hits the mark in IT re: rent allowance

Sarah Carey finally airs the truth about the Landlord/Government conspiracy about rents. If the state is footing the bill for half the rent in the country why are they not negotiating a mass rent reduction? Why are the IMF not forcing this issue? Maybe they should log onto Cahoots! … 77271.html

Has she been reading the pin lately one wonders. :angry:

Link for the lazy … 77271.html

FG policy was to phase out rent supplement in favour of more the permanent RAS

Whats the difference between rent supp and RAS? (beyond a longer lease duration)

Well rent supplement is a supposedly temporary a contract between a tenant and a landlord where the tenant gets most of the rent from the HSE.
RAS is the new social housing, where the Council enter a medium term lease at just under market rates with a landlord and place tenants. Tenants pay differential rent to the council.

Pretty good article, she missed the other huge exercise in denial in Ireland: the banks mortgage books and the collateral value in them.

RAS - tenant can work. Ten per cent household income goes to council for rent. Council look for BER tax clearance cert etc

Unfortunately I suspect Fine Gael are too well aligned with the landlord class to address RS. And Labour are probably too short-sighted to see RS as a supplement to landlords rather than poor tenants. So they won’t be too keen on the basis that you can’t be socialist and be reducing benefits, can ya?

An indication that the powers that be may be finally opening their eyes to the blindingly obvious? I doubt it. Expect as many cans to be kicked down the road as far as possible for as long as possible in this land of denial.