Sauna Office

this place looks mad, has a sauna office…

looks very salubrious for place the look like built in 70’s, someone famous live here?

If I am not mistaken this was linked to a good while back. I think it may have fallen in price somewhat and looks a little worse for ware than I remember.

I woudl actually say a lot of house built circa late 60’s maybe more early mid 70’s had a bit of balls compared with the rubbish that went up across McMansion land.

Local amenity doesn’t seem to have always applied back then, then again everyones hair was longer too… :astonished:

Was that Patrick Russell’s house? I can’t find a link to confirm it. seems to go close!

It was built by the McGrattans (record producer / restauranteur) Nice place in it’s day, multi-car garage that housed the roller, porsche 944 and a few other goodies. as you can see from the pictures, it’s falling apart and in complete disrepair.

It was an American design

Thanks Taij. So no connection to Patrick Russell? I had a good search and couldn’t find anything.

It was sold by the McGrattans in the mid - late 90’s, then resold, yet it was bought by a barrister ultimately, but I can’t confirm the name.

Interesting. There’s definitely a story to be told about that place.

I’ve bookmarked this, will do nicely when my porn & gambling empire takes off. 8DD 8-

Wait in line.

it’s in the right area anyway:

Dunno if there will be a sauna where he will eventually end up, but it sure will be bloody hot.

an American buddy had one of those outdoor hot tubs; got rid of it as he described it as a “money incinerator” - and he was quite well off

Did a bit of Googling this morning…

Patrick Russell is shown as CEO of Prudentus, Manchester on LinkedIn but no further info is available.
(The CEO of Prudentus Ireland is Pat Russell, rather than Patrick…)