Savills closed branches

Ireland - Dublin - Blackrock
Ireland - Dublin - Clontarf
Ireland - Dublin - Dawson Street
Ireland - Dublin - Dun Laoghaire
Ireland - Dublin - Molesworth Street
Ireland - Dublin - Phibsborough
Ireland - Dublin - Ranelagh

Looks like 3 offices closed -

I had a right old chuckle in the window of this branch on Monday.
They had two bog standard 3 bed semis in Blackrock in excess of a million.

I believe Gunne’s Ranelagh branch has also closed.

Surely thats the vendor’s fault not Savills?
If a vendor will not reduce prices below what they think their property is worth, there is very little a estate agent can do I would have thought!

They can decline the business, which presumably is what they would do, if they thought the price was completely outlandish and unachievable. No?

Molesworth street is their Head Office. What makes you think it’s closed?

Doesn’t appear so. Phones are being answered.

Two offices closed shouldn’t surprise anyone. During the boom every Tom Dick and Harry opened up an estate agency.

At a guess, just to get back to normal would require about 1/3 of outlets to be closed. And we are going to overshoot “normal” that’s for sure.

Maybe not closed yet, but there is a sign in the window saying the branch is being transferred to the address of the Ballsbridge branch

Or realising that the whole of the Blackrock area is suffering the same outlandish mass delusion just shut the branch. :angry:

The thing is the pictures and the window displays are really high quality.
Even is immaculately presented, even a bitter skeptic like me stops and has a look in the window.

The whole point of going to all of that effort to present a bloody 3 bed semi and then still try and flog it for a million+ just really confuses me. Put it at half the price and it might actually sell.

I can’t find the house I saw on Monday but is a good example of priced out of the market.
€1.15m for a 4 bed semi: … PNLO350996

As predicted in footer below for past 2 years this day has been coming for Jeremy. This result seriously drives a stake through the plc status of a crew like Savills - this should be a partnership full stop. Shareholders get the crumbs off the table in the boom times while in the busts they pay for the bread on the table.

HOK ers are of course, i am guessing, thinking they will buy if back for less than £5m…my guess is that they buy it back in June / July this summer 3 years after the original deal for about 15% of the original price. By then savills will have put in the cash for 2 years to keep it afloat probably equivalent to the 15% they get back. Hence a 100% write off in 3 years.