Say what!? Why did I miss? - Sunday 1st October News Round Up

A round up of the last 7-10 days, anything Pinter missed or thinks needs more attention, post here.


There is a government initiative rolling around and now public service employees are being expected to do mandatory training on a concept that they are calling “Public Sector Duty”.

In brief it is a forced mind control training course requiring agreement as part of the computer based training to agree to DEI concepts. i.e., Diversity, Equality and Inclusion.

Nominally it’s being driven through against the rules of natural law.

I don’t have links but it’s worth mentioning I think because it’s actually forced indoctrination into a dressed up way of poor thinking, which ultimately leads to poor behavior. :frowning:

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Following on from his ex wife’s refusal to support Transgenderism, did you see Shane Lynch’s interview this week about satanism in the music industry?

Fking hell. What did Louis Walsh get up to?. I know he says these weren’t his albums he’s talking about, but what other album discussions can he mean?

I was certainly interested in being mysterious; it gave me a character, it gave me some substance that I could hold on to. Why I portrayed myself in those ways I don’t know – maybe I was trying to prove something. But it intrigued me, the darker side of the world. Ouija boards, séances, tarot card reading, all that kind of spiritual stuff really got hold of me. That all came from our very first album launch; it was a Halloween party in a big mansion, but that was super demonic. We were just young kids, [and we thought]: It’s a bit of fun. All the record company and the journalists are there, and here we go. Not all music is bad, but the majority of it is [designed] to take you away from Christ, 100 per cent.

Do you mean in terms of the lyrics or the big players in the industry?
Both. Lyrically and big players. I’ve been in rooms – at the top of the top – where albums are prayed over demonically. Music is prayed over demonically that goes out to the radio stations, to the public. When you see that stuff, it’s frightening.
What do you mean by “prayed over demonically”?
Rituals, ceremonies, everything to give light to the devil, to Satan. It’s a satanic music industry.

Do you mean figuratively, or literally?
Literally. Yes.
Can you share what those albums were? Were they your albums?
No, they were not Boyzone albums, so that’s what I mean by not all music is [like] that.
If you look at what the industry is today: your Sam Smiths to your Dojo Cats to your Beyoncés, they are so demonic it’s unbelievable. And it’s in front of us. We kind of go: “Oh, it’s just music.” But it really isn’t. It’s absolutely taking over the world, taking over our children and taking over everything.
Are you talking about the messages that are in those songs?
Yeah, messages, and the glorification of Satan. That’s what they’re doing, they’re glorifying Satan.


More on the boy bands. Which really should be called Rent Boy Bands

The video sticks in the mind as a series of snapshots. Wobbly jelly. Naked buttocks. Wobbly jelly on naked buttocks. Bondage gear with studded leather codpieces. Cheesy Nineties rave dancing. Ice lolly nipple tickles. Custard massages. Naked jelly on wobbly buttocks. The video shows a group desperately trying to make a splash. It worked, eventually: Take That, who were then a five-piece including Robbie Williams and Jason Orange, would become the most successful boy band in UK chart history

The video was directed by the duo of former Radio 1 DJ Rosemary “Ro” Barratt and TV executive Angie Smith. Both knew the band’s manager Nigel Martin-Smith via the pop music ecosystem around Manchester in the late Eighties and early Nineties.

In 2000 Martin-Smith opened the first of his commercial entertainment venues in Manchester’s gay village, a nightclub called Essential.[19] He then opened a second venue in 2004 called “Queer” – a cafe bar by day and a bar/club by night on Canal Street and finally “Boyz” – an underground pop bar club also on Canal Street, all of which have since closed down.[20