SBP: Accountants report tax returns are on the decline

From The Sunday Business Post, 31st October 2010



Blue Horseshoe

Tis curtains for this performance. There has been talk of a new new act in town. However tickets are rumored to be a bit pricey. :angry:

Pah. Accountants on the 'pin have been reporting this for a while now… :smiley:

…so too have the self-employed.

Meltdown is the new Endgame. :angry:

I can vouch for this. I vowed too pay Lenny as little tax as possible this year. Last year I shifted some of this years income into last years tax year (paid my self extra before Xmas) thinking that the tax relie on pensions was going to be hit. I’ve put together as much as I can and put it in a pension AVC against last tax year - I’m getting a substantial rebate from Lenny on my Oct 31 tax return. That rebate will go against another AVC next year for this tax year. I suspect pension relief will get hit this year (I was wrong last year mind you) so I’ll do the same trick again