SBP - Government complains to RTE over ‘alarmist’ coverage … qqqx=1.asp

The Joe Duffy Liveeline this week was a bit freaky , Eddie Hobbs on the Late Late was a bit freaky too. Yet that is what happens when there is no faith in 'official 'reassurances or in the lack thereof :frowning:

The Financial Regulator and the Central Bank are morons. Why did the government not complain about their utterly 'alarmist’ inactivity for months , years even :frowning:

Why is John Hurley still governor of the Central Bank when he caused near utter panic by his lack of communication to the public ??

SO one half of the licence fee is going towards covering the litigous nature of the chinless wonder (Cooper-Flynn) the other half to what ammounts to state influenced propaganda, ie don’t tell the truth water it down etc…

Joe Duffy was on the Ronan Collins show on Friday plugging his upcoming programme:
RealPlayer: … riday.smil - 39:56 mins in
and the lead item (which normally indicates the running order in the subsequent show) was on deposit guarantees and bank stability.

It never appeared.

Of course that all became immaterial after The Late Late Show.

Journalistic backlash?

The Late Late Show appearance by Eddie Hobbs is obviously in a different light to this non-appearance:

Quite forgiving of them to allow him back on and to also allow him run wild.

All is not as it seems.

The government should take the unprecedented step of asking John Hurley to take immediate early retirement. This man, single handed, has caused untold damage to the Irish economy by his complete lack of intervention when the lending spree was taking off and then in full bloom. Surely, he is totally unfit for this very important position that he holds.

Pat picked a bad week to give up balance 8)

Pat Kenny and the Late late complaining about a culture of greed and keeping up with the Jones’, Pat must never get to see the ads during the breaks of the late late.

Er, that would be Pat “Land Grab” Kenny?

This government won’t do anything to disturb the applecart. Not when the apples on that cart are in fact mostly FF members at diferent levels of interconnectivity to the whole property ponzi scheme.

The government has limited ability to deal with issues relating to banking due to the fact that they government has appointed members of it’s own clan to state banking roles in the past. The one case in particular that stands out to me was a certain judge who gave a ruling in the matter involving a case of a certain politicians relative that would be seen to be beneficial to that politician relative. Anyhow this matter was raised and after a lot of commotion the judge was no longer able to be a judge, I’m not sure factually but he probably retired on full pension all the same, then anyway they appointed that same judge to a European Commision Financial role even though that judge probably had less financial experience than most people here on the Pin!

As Dick Roche was putting it this week past, politics is all about winning votes.

The FF governments of the past decade have stoked up the public on a concaine crack of property populism.
Millions have become additicted, independent of whether they are even in FF.
The main beneficiaries were in no doubt the big boys, those at the Galway tent, and the politicians themselves who have received payments from developers.

Ultmately, John Hurley is still governor of the Central Bank, because to remove him in any forced or requested way, especially during this week that’s in it, would probably add to the beginning panic level and convince a whole lot more of the people to be going to their bank first thing on Monday morning.

Inaction never hurt a FF government during its years of rule. The only action that counts is in the months before an election, the action that wins votes, promises, jobs for those connected etc. etc. etc.

How can FF survive now there’s no more crack cocaine?

Their suppot base is crumbling by the day. All those developers/hoteliers/publicans/auctioneers/farmers who bank-rolled the party over the last 10-20 years must be furious.

Cowen not only has an economic crisis to deal with – he also has a party crisis on his hands.

I totally agree.

I thought Eddie Hobbs actually would hqave put many people at ease - he clearly explained that about the 20K deposit guarantee and how you should spread it around banks - many people without in depth financial knowledge (which is most of the population unfortunately) will listen to Eddie Hobbs…more so than some half arsed statemnt by a politican.

as a note, I see Shane Ross pushing his anti-FAS agenda also on the Late Late!! he never misses a chance!!!

Sorry, but calling for a general election and that INBS comment set off alarms in oak panelled offices all over the country.

I don’t think he’ll be getting much work from RTE over the coming years.