SBP/HOK: Buyers in a better position this time round

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Bought to you courtesy of the marketing department of another desperate EA → Mary-Kate McGarry is an economist with Savills Hamilton Osborne King in Dublin

Just heard the Ad on for the EBS/DNG report in the Irish Property buyer magazine on Radio 1 on why we should buy now instead of renting. The Best advice is what they termed it. (sounds dodgey legally)
Personally I’d rather have a Carlsberg.

The more ads there are for buying instead of renting, the happier I am. The less sense something makes, the more ads are needed to make people do it.

If buying actually made more sense than renting, there would be no ads at all, because instead of wasting money on ads, they’d be buying up properties to rent out to fools like me who want to rent.

Every ad, every press release, every interview with Tom Parlon is like an angel on my shoulder telling me I’m doing the right thing by renting.

The argument that it “NOW” makes more sense to buy than rent is also ridiculous. This means that in the recent past when there was apparently “never a better time to buy” it was actually better to rent.



once again

everybody should buy nobody should rent and everybody should buy a second place to rent to those people who all should be buying