Scandal of State renting dear office space@ €1000 per sqm

aaparently office rents rose by 43% in 2006 due to stete demand

This has been going on for years.

Sure every quango in the country has a very friendly relationship with their landlord.

The government departments are even at it. Complex sale and leaseback agreements with developers are all too common IMO. These assets are the property of the people of Ireland, yet those in power are selling them off in the name of PPP and “cost effectiveness”. You’d think a government of all bodies would have no problem raising capital to build their own buildings on their own land?

Would this have been around the same time as Bertie was telling us all to buy,
so the State, under the OPW (can’t think who the Minister of State was again back then XX )
was selling off land and leasing/renting it back.

Net effect is that the OPW has actually made a profit for the people of Ireland by selling at the peak of the market, and now renting it back. Granted they may be locked into certain lease periods, but they can usually be negotiated after a review period!!!
Better to be a renter than an owner in this climate.