School of hard knocks

Is the message getting through to Irish investors that property investment is definitely not a no brainer. The litany of rude awakenings grows longer. And the speed at which these School of Hard Knocks lessons are being dealt out seems to be gathering pace. This is a selective list of topics raised by posters on Askaboutmoney.

**United Land Holdings Britain **

The Platinum Developments: Sunset Resort Pomorie Bulgaria.

Transmontagne leaseback company France.

Simple Overseas Properties, Spain.

**MacAnthony Realty International (MRI) Spain. **

That Transmontagne one is particularly interesting. I remember asking people last year “what happens if the company providing the leaseback/guaranteed rental disappears?” and you’d swear I’d asked them a completely absurd question. I expect to see lots more of those companies “disappear”.

Court to rule on French leaseback firm … qqqx=1.asp