Scottish Independence and corporation tax implications

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Looking at the proposals for Scotland, should there be a yes vote -

I cant help but feel this would have negative implications for Ireland as no doubt they are hoping to attract investment that may have otherwise come to Ireland.
Is it not something to worry about or something we should be concerned about?
Independance seems to be poised on a knife edge at the moment with a large a mounts of undecided voters at the moment likely to swing it one way other the other come vote time in autumn 2014

Oh, are we meant to be taking this Scottish independence things seriously?

I do. I know many Scots who take it very seriously indeed.

No doubt, not enough of them though. … -1-3201333

I would say its far from being a foregone conclusion, long way to go yet.

I’m quite tempted to make an easy 20%. … um-outcome

Are there not other EU countries with lower corporation tax than Ireland? Y’know like Bulgaria, Cyprus…
And others with lower effective rates due to kickbacks etc.

Cyprus now matches Ireland.

None of them are natively english speaking though or beside a large english speaking population. Though whether Scotland is either is debatable :smiling_imp:

I’d love to see it happen. Scotland first, then Northern Ireland would crumble, and we might get the Bretons to come along for the ride. Britain would be encircled on three side by the pan-Celtic empire, and us Scoti would once more raid their coasts for slaves to work in our new construction boom. Mwahaha.

Can you not just take the Welsh?

Pahhh – those P-Celts? There’s a separate plan for the Welsh after we re-establish the druid colony on Anglesey. :nin

You forgot about the Cornish.

And the Manx. All 17 of them.