SeaCrest, Cunningham Drive, Dalkey (-500k, -38.5%)

Was 1.3m, etc.

Now 1.05m

Now €945k:…=Cunningham+Drive…1460863

€411 per square foot.

Notice the sneaky attempt to list the property slightly differently after every couple of price drops (see Collapso history above). Presumably hoping that nobody will notice it’s the same gaff but knocked down further; perhaps also to do with getting bumped back up to the top on myhome/daft? Latest listing is “00 SeaCrest, Cunningham Drive…”. Quite a few EAs trying this little stunt of late; there are some amusing examples out there!

genius bit of myhome mapping there - don’t know where it is, but it’s somewhere that doesn’t share our alphabet! And the 2 nearest houses are in Loughrea Co Galway and Harolds Cross (which also to be located near the Baltic sea it seems?)

All the same, it is a nice looking house. :smiley:

Unfortunately judging from Google Earth, the back garden is tiny.

least of your worries having a small back garden when the land behind the rear garden was due to be developed into houses/apartments, think the developer went bust (see link below) but the site is going to be built on at some stage so for almost €1m with a small back garden and the threat of being completely overlooked to the rear it seems to be at least €200k overpriced!

I think that being seen might be a plus for some buyers in the Dalkey area… :wink:

Now being advertised as POA.

Now priced at €835k … ey/1460863

The original Collapso price of €1.3 million dates back to March 2011, not Celtic rubbish times!
That’s some drop in ( nearly) a mere 8 months.

Looks like this house has been withdrawn. Gone from agents website & daft/myhome.

Back on Daft at 800k to buy or 3990 pm. to rent (6% yield).

Dropped €500 in the sale price and €240 PM in the rental

Now 799,500 to buy and €3750 PM to rent

Translation: this house is positioned somewhere on the surface of the earth, and time runs at the same rate here as everywhere else. If you eat your meals at normal times, you will have no surprises.