Seamus Brennan appointed son's Anglo bosses to State boards

By Shane Ross in the Sindo: … 34608.html

It’s impossible to read this without getting slightly nauseous. These jobs are ministers’ true source of power in Ireland, power they exercise unfettered by oversight of any kind.

Strange how Shane Ross has become a kind of hero over the last year. He may be basically a Tory but he’s a consistent Tory and history has come round to his side in the shareholder’s rights debate.

Very few people seized on what I thought was the key point of Dobson’s interview with Ahern, ye, two years ago… Is that all it was?

Anyway, the fucker said…

“I appointed people to State boards because… because they were my friends!

Holy mother of jesus…

Only Terry Keane pointed it out at the time but I was through the window, running nekkid down the street…

It’s entirely symptomatic of Irish Democracy… End of the day, he could have said anything…

“Competent businessmen / women (yadda yadda)”… But no…

And the reason no one screams and shouts? Because Labour / FG / SF and all the rest of the fuckers want the opportunity to do the same thing…

I’ve had the opportunity to nominate good people to State Boards, don’t worry… They didn’t get the position!!! :unamused:

Yeah, I remember at the time having a few connersations on that exact statement. We couldn’t believe that anyone would say that so brazenly, as if it were perfectly acceptable behaviour. What a fucking sorry state of affairs.

There was an article in the sunday times yesterday about a survey of university graduates that said working class mature university graduates saw virually zero financial benefit from completing their degree and in some cases, saw their salaries decline.

The article went a bit fluffy and said that the working classes completed their education for ‘self actualisation’ rather than financial reasons, but the real point should have been that in ireland, as always, its not what you know, its who you know.

In theory, a mature student with a high quality degree and years of working experience should be at least if not more atractive to employers than a 20 year old student with no experience or track record, but the statistics show clearly that people who come from a professional family background have access to contacts and resources that can be very beneficial when it comes to getting ahead in life.

A friends brother finished top of his class in Blackhall (or wherever they do law exams). At the graduation he was brought up to receive his medal to loud applause. He was asked by the professor presenting the medal where he was working now. When he said McDonalds there was a bit of an uncomfortable silence. This guy was Irish but born asian parents. If the cream of the crop can’t get a job based on merit it says a lot about the profession in general. This was a few years back before recession could be blamed.

Sickening. Before I became bitter and twisted, I used to watch footage from the various counts on election night and wonder why so many in the vicinity of the elected candidates used to go so apeshit when their candidate got elected. Couple of free pints for putting up election posters didn’t explain the excessive euphoria. Don’t wonder about it anymore. For so many-especially Fianna Fuckwits-election of their man means the gravy train keeps rolling. I’d probably be bucklepping around the place

Tiarnan O’Mahony was the perfect candidate for overseeing pension assets in Ireland

He even had the enterpreneural spirit to leave Anglo and set up his own company to manage savings

On an unrelated topic would a company like Friends First for example require Pension Board approval for selling investments linked to high risk trading strategies in the case where some of the clients had these policies in a pensions “wrapper”?

‘Tiarnan O’Mahony’s failed investment vehicle, International Securities Trading Corporation’ - a description used by the Irish Times.

he’s the perfect candidate if the only other option was robert maxwell’s corpse.

ISTC was an even more spectacular failure than Anglo, as the times put it … 82745.html