Seamus Brennan (Junior)

It’s mentioned briefly in today’s Phoenix that he works for Anglo; apologies if this has been posted here before.

I know his old man had ‘links’ to Gerry Gannon at the very least.

So what if he works in Anglo ? I could name a few FF family members who work in all the other banks who also lent to property developers, what does it matter… Who hadnt links to GG…

I think its is unfair to start a topic on an employee who is not a director and I suggest to the moderator that this thread is closed to protect the privacy of this individual unless the author is sure he knows where he wants to go with this.

Why do you want us to close this exactly?!?

There’s no harm in trying to fill in the gaps in Ireland’s rich tapestry of an incestuous business and political landscape. I also believe that Brennan Junior was a putative candidate for Pop’s vacant seat which makes him a member of Fianna Fail and a public figure.

Well if you know all this and, as you say, ‘what does it matter’ you wouldnt mind listing them for us, would you?

Naturally the right to the individuals privacy is paramount so just the name of the FF member and what bank(s)/developers they had links to. An indication of the nature of the relationship should probably be included, for clarity.

This is true , I remember the media speculation shortly after Séamus senior died.

It would indeed be unwise for FF to put a staff member of Anglo up for election in the current climate whereas most punters knew nothing of Anglo in September when young Séamus was mentioned for the job.

So I feel that this thread is not off topic actually and nor do I feel that any FFer will be returned in the by election :slight_smile:

I thought Joe Burke’s ex squeez was being touted. Marie Corrigan I think. There was a big soft focus piece done on her in the Indo last Saturday. She is a senator.

I used to work with Shay, nice fella - not exactly leadership material though tbh

Perfect candidate for FF then.

Anglo’s “Dealing Room” was very modest in size, perhaps 40 people, yet had three sons of T.D.'s on it.

Ain’t that just darndest coincidence.

Yip. A lot of coincidents here in Ireland. Especially if you’re a politician.