Sean Dunne flipping his Connecticut house for $6.4 million

Recall Sean Dunne’s controversial house that he bought in Greenwich, Connecticut in 2010 and began redevelopment shortly thereafter. He managed to upset his neighbours by supposedly working around zoning laws and ignoring a stop-work order. It was covered by the Dail Mail here.

The house was purchased for $2 million in April 2010. It was stripped to the bare studs and extensively rebuilt as a much larger house.

What was left of the original house:

Denies any connection despite having the address listed as his home address with the secretary of the state’s office:

The finished product: 8,900 sq ft with six bedrooms and nine bathrooms. It went on sale within the past couple of weeks:

Asking price is $6,395,000 and it is listed for sale here and here

So $6.4 million less purchase price of $2 million less construction cost of probably $2 million (at most) equals a potential profit of $2.4 million. No doubt he’ll be writing a cheque to the Irish taxpayer as soon as the sale concludes.

Be interesting to see what it goes for…

Would also be interesting to see how the State office would feel about someone declaring a building site as their residence…

I’m a bit behind the times but this eventually sold for $5.5m back in July 2012. … h-CT-06830