Sean Dunne's Ballsbridge site : Planning REJECTED

Not if I’m reading the Pleanala verdict right.

it’s a flat refusal, for the whole project :- he can build nothing.

i genuinely think the 37 storey tower was a great white elephant.

as a previous poster said it doesnt matter whats on the site the value had diminished significantly.

its Ulster Banks problem now. i think they will probably plough on and develop out at 18 storeys, although not likely to commence for 2-3 years.

AH Well.

Off to Nesbitts so. XX

I read it that way too, can he appeal or must we go through the whole charade again with a “differing” proposal?

Yup, looks like the whole project was knocked on the head by ABP. Proper order too, it wasn’t zoned for it.

Oh man that is so frustrating. I guess I am going to have to take my billions elsewhere. I hear Dubai is a great place for vanity property investments. Perhaps i can invest in a 37 story phallus there? Those sheiks know how a bit more about how planning works that these mash potato eatin’, wooly jumper wearin’ paddy planners!

He’s finished in the planning system :- he can go to the High Court on a point of law.

He has little chance of success there - the High Court generally pays great deference to Pleanala, both because it’s supposed to under planning law and because if it didn’t it’d be swamped with planning cases.

This decision will also hit other developers who bought in Ballsbridge at even crazier prices than Dunne plus it also wipes out a lot of land and commercial property valuations throughout the City.

Brilliant we get to keep Jurey’s and Barkley Court. I love those buildings. They really fit in.

What if he had got the go ahead? Where would he have got the money to build? This project was over anyway. Maybe he can sue someone? :smiley:

Yes but planning approval would have prolonged the charade.

It’s about time the country got off the shiney shoeboxes merry go round.

Yep totally and completely rejected out of hand. Sean does not have permission to turn a sod on the site.

ABP went with a belt and braces approach on their refusal with no less than 5 reasons for refusal many of whom really sort of overlap and could be merged under 2 or 3 reasons for refusal. I have never seen that before. Most refusals give one reason with 2 or 3 reasons expectional.

One would hope when the 750 job cuts are made at Ulster Bank and First Active, the management who sanctioned this loan are first out the door :angry:

Note the Bord voted 9 : 1 in favour of refusal. They really,really didn’t like it.

And Dunner’s highly cunning plan to get office accomodation included by calling it “embassy space” got absolutely nowhere fast, from the Inspector’s report.

That’s surprising, not :- that particular stunt was so fucking stupid it was worthy of Baldrick at his most ludicrous. At least Baldrick’s cunning plans weren’t openly insulting people’s intelligence.

An academic victory, but any victory for freedom and decency over redneck gombeenism must be celebrated.

Well done everybody.

Where did you get that info from AlanP?

Can’t find reference to that meself.

Taken from Mountbrook website:

Re: Jurys Berkeley Court Development 30.01.09

**Mountbrook Group will issue a statement in respect of An Bord Pleanála’s decision on our website at approximately 5pm today.

I can’t believe someone actually voted for it. Is Sean Dunne on ABP?

The voting figure is in the Board Direction PDF :- S228512.pdf from the link above, it’s the second sentence.

Here is a link to the decision

Fear not, we will soon be told that Sean Dunne’s plan for Ballsbridge is “systemic” to the economy, and legislation must be brought in to bring the project to a reality.