Seán FitzPatrick Evicts Welfare Tenant

Anyone have a litter of kittens they need drowned? Seanie’s your man. … 727952.ece

Executive summary:

*Tenant was in receipt of Rent Allowance when she moved into the two-bedroom cottage, named Lismore, on Military Road, Killiney, Dublin

*She lost her entitlements during her time there and struggled to meet the €1,200 monthly rent.

*She built up rent arrears of €17,650 over two years -between November 2005 and December 2007.

*Seanie took case to PRTB, which ruled that the tenant should pay him €8,825 within 28 days and a further €8,825 within 56 days of its adjudication.

*Tenant did not contest and rent arrears are still owed

*The tenant was evicted following the PRTB ruling and new tenants have now moved into the property.

*In a speech to a local society in Greystones, FitzPatrick urged the minister for finance to tackle the “sacred cows” of child benefit and universal pensions in the budget, and also to grant a reduction in corporation tax.

Not a bad road at all.

In general I’d agree this tenant deserved to be evicted but there’s something jarring about FitzPatrick doing it to a welfare recipient.

He just keeps rubbing our noses in it. 1200 yo yo’s p.m. for a two-bed cottage. |O …55 million plus in net worth plus pension. Drumm probably fishing from His mansion on Cape Cod as we speak.Well Well I suppose We did stop paying Seanie His 134k per annum on His bonds in Anglo.I wonder would He ever sell them back to us @ 20% haircut or thereabout’s,lets say 8 million for the lot…OOPs just thinking,maybe He’s using them as security for His outstanding loans.There must be some way to trip Him up,would’nt it be grand to use some of His millions for them young girls vaccine? AAHHH well I might as well dream here as in bed. :laughing:

WOW O WOW there really is two Irelands and here was Me thinking it was all rumour.Jasus the English did hand over some stuff when they were going.Ah well its in safe hands. I bet the residents of that road would know how to lead us out of present difficulties.Just tell us where to start cutting o’ great ones,we will comply.Ba Ba Ba Ba.

fitzpatrick is some piece of shit in fairness,

we have a lot to learn from the French, all these banksters would be hanging off lampposts by now. instead the final destruction of the Irish economy continues with NAMA looming

Wow some big piles there. Wonder who owns them? There can’t be that many convents in Killiney.

can Seanie be tossed to the kurb? he owes the Irish state 120m yo yos.

I see tennis is relatively popular in the area :mrgreen:

Look two wrongs don’t make a right, you don’t pay rent,
you deserve to be kicked out, you broke your contract,
after ESPECIALLY after building up those arrears!

I don’t understand why rent allowance wasn’t paid.

Ironically if and when the State repossesses the house off Seanie,
I’m sure the DFSA can rent back to some unemployed person again.

I’m as keen as anyone else to put the boot into Fitzpatrick but in my opinion letting the arrears build up to more than 12 months’ rent before moving for eviction is being lenient.

I would also be interested to hear the reason why the tenant lost their rent supplement…


What ‘entitled’ this tenant to clock up €1200 in rent allowance to live in Killiney when they should have moved to an €800 a month gaff in the Noggin or in Ballybrack instead.

We went to view a house (last September - before we knew what was happening and weren’t reading the Pin).

Typical 3-bed semi on at €250k. Offered €205k (which the EA turned into €210k without our consent). It was refused. Now, just bear with me on this, as you might think there’s no relevance. We were informed that the bank had repo’d the house, and that there were sitting Council tenants with an RSA who would be leaving shortly.

The offer was rejected - by the OWNER, not the bank. Several weeks later we looked for a second viewing. The EA was ‘getting delayed’ throughout the afternoon, and finally told us to ‘head out ourselves’, and that the tenant was ‘expecting us’.

When we got to the door the tenant waved a NEW four-year RSA (which was agreed with the owner, amazingly) at us. We said we didn’t want to get into this, made our excuses, and left. Obviously the EA himself hadn’t the balls to turn up, and wanted to test the waters. You can only imagine the subsequent conversation between me and him. I deal with the public in their homes every day, so wasn’t fazed. But herself was absolutely mortified.

That house is STILL for sale (at€232k) and the tenants are still there.

Now, how can an owner - who has either been repossessed or be on the verge of it - make such an agreement? And this was eight months ago, when all this shite blew in the first place? The mind boggles. What a great little country this is.

They can, a PRTB regulated tenancy may be terminated in very limited circumstances including the sale of the property .

Of course a tenant in a ‘nice’ house has nothing to lose by saying they have a 4 year tenancy and running the likes of yerself Freddie and it did save you about €40k by my reckoning :smiley:

He is not a nice bloke, but you can’t apply the law differently just because he is a publicly hated figure.

Too true 2Pack! :laughing:

But still kinda mad…

Which raises the question. Can developers avoid personal assets being sold on by renting them to ahem welfare recipients (say, former employees of theirs) at knock down rates that make the places wholly unattractive?

The reasoning being “I’ll get back on my feet soon enough, the country needs 50k houses and a billion sq ft of commercial space a year. ‘They’'ll come running back to me”.

You mean can a sale be forced, I suspect only at the whim of a court and NAMA will not be a judicial body will it 8)

Well, that’s one bit answered, but rather than take the riskyish route of putting an asset in the wife’s name if it has a mortgage on it, why not put a multi-year tenant in?

Finally the nation has clawed something back from Seanie in the form of a tenant getting rent free accomodation from him!

Future tenants take note, you have the support of the people of Ireland in not paying your rent.

Ish. If the tenancy is a Part VI tenancy, this is true. However I personally wouldn’t live in a house under the circumstances of it being for sale. I wouldn’t call the circumstances “very” limited either since they include sale and “I want the house for some member of my family”. If “sale” had not been included we might not have seen so many people assuming that they could get rich on property and this might not have bubbled quite so badly.

If it’s a fixed term lease however, for four years, then unless there’s a break clause in it, it could be harder to evict for reason of sale.