Sean Quinn - Bankrupt

i’m stealing that :laughing: … tml?via=mr

Seán Quinn’s family faces bankruptcy hearings next month

Looks like they’ll be following him…

Well, his son definitely isn’t bankrupt:

Weeks later and I’ve just came across that.
Brilliant ! :laughing:

I disagree with that bit.

The one thing that I’m glad of is that he was not allowed to become a bankrupt in the UK. Per the current legislation he’s bankrupt now for the next 12 years. And I’m glad of that.
Unlike the 1 year that would be relevant to him in the UK.

It really is different between the UK and Ireland for bankrupcy.

They are not “pretty much the same”.

On a related topic, Sean Fitzpatrick declared bankrupt July 2010, if there is a 3 year time limit on bankruptcy brought in later this year he will be able to start again in 16 months time!

I would say so.

I would hope the fvck not!

First of all. I think that his declaration in July 2010 was a declaration made in another nation and that that declaration was found to be incorrect and was overturned.

Secondly, he has been found banktrupt in this nation, this year, in February as far as I can remember. So that’s when the 12 years starts ticking.

As per the commercial rules applying at the time for all such financial dealings.

He and his big spending ways getting loads of people fancy jobs on the back of his big spending can go bankrupt himself nicely now for the next 12 years because I only too well remember the last 12 years or shi** that I’ve been having to put up with due to his role playing and messing about in the credit fueled ecomomic wonderland that has been Ireland.

He may have started as an entrepreneur but he’s after vandalising entrepreneurship during his last decade or so.

I want him to pay.

I don’t want loosers like him, loosers like “class act”( :sick: ) should have been bankrupt Beverly Cooper flynn to be given special commercial breaks retrospectively by any new change of the law.

Why then don’t we all start a big loosing streak today, set up little mini-off short Double Dutch Irish corporations, invite fancy borrow based investments, give our selves big expenses and salaries ala some Hobbnesian creaters that we know and live it down like there’s no tommorrow only 3 short years.

Yeah. That’s how I want to do it.


No way. No way no chance hoseh.