Seán Quinn group is largest debtor of Anglo Irish

Something practical and in keeping with the area…
High rise social housing. Why should the less well off be miles away in the suburbs.

So as Lenihan said, he won’t be getting a cent for that 15% he bought in the summer.

Guys, the Ballsbridge purchaseby Dunne was financed by Ulster Bank.

That’s some new embassy the UK government are going to build… could have it’s own airport.

Classic last line. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

thanks…one tries!
Any ideas on the questions? Genuinely looking for answers here

I’d imagine the anglo loan book would make some interesting reading.

Being a shareholder now, wonder if they will send me a copy?

I’d say the fun is only starting with this one.

I’m no law expert but does this provision from the Companies Act, 1963 mean that giving a loan to someone to purchase shares in the lender was always illegal?
Also interesting to note the Anglo bill due for Tuesday will make mean that this provision no longer applies to Anglo. … 33y1963s60 … /bl063.pdf

Lots of other laws are being changed to protect Anglo and its clients from closer inspection. This bill stinks of corruption and a cover up.

Good find DE. Would be interesting to hear from one of our legal experts. I suspect that any loans to ***** or *********** were structured to get around this.

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Without Prejudice
DE you are on the right track but I’d steer clear of making comments which may undermine any prosecution lawsuit(s) that may be in the process of being built.

Spin Doctors are hard at work

I must be a bit stupid tonight. I can’t reconcile these two statements form Mr. Quinn’s missive:

inside or outside, everybody’s talking about pop music… :confused:

Both. Timeline of events :nin