Seanad closed as its leader plays golf in Turkey … 11160.html

Poor Donie. There could be wigs on the green over this :smiley:

Puts him up there with Michael Collins and Padraig Pearse…

What a deluded,bewigged,half witted,cross eyed donkey…he really is the poster boy for the abolition of that useless retirement home we call Seanad Eireann,the sooner we are shot of it the better.

What a fecking utter gobshite…

I don’t think Attaturk had the image of Donnie playing golf in some 5 star resort, as a way of marking his achievements, 90 years ago.

I like this quote as well:

Except Donnie you dipshit, the Dail only sits three days a week because they are supposed to be tending to their constituents the other days.

And saying your record is second to none, isn’t setting the bar very high is it ?

Ah go easy on him lads… He’s probably over there raising money for the Jekyll & Hyde Foundation

The Turks do some nice rugs over there too. Hope he avails of the opportunity.

Oh Donie boy, don’t you realise yet that before this is through Ireland wil ask you to give up your scalp as well??
Sorry, wig.

Wish I’d seen the reception at Istanbul Airport.

‘Welcome To Hell’

‘They’ve never been in Barry’s Hotel on a Saturday night’ ( Donie; snigger) :mrgreen:

Frank Fahey was on the junket as well

Does Frank have any “turkeys” in Turkey? He may have been looking in on them… :stuck_out_tongue:

Never a good ash cloud around when you want one.

Nope… Frank’s a Dubai man!

Lord save us if he ever claims expenses from there! :stuck_out_tongue:

I was wondering that too. Nothing to stop a senator claiming from his holiday home in Spain? Which band would that be in now?

A big elastic one!

Jaysus I hope it won’t cause Donie’s rug to shrink or we’ll be getting an expenses claim for that too.

I presume John Flaherty acted as the caddy for our esteemed parliamentarians?

They expression " they should be lined up and shot with balls of their own shite " springs to mind