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a neck like a jockies you know what.

We need the Birdman to chase him around the place. Make sure that his buddies get their mugs exposed too.

I don’t know who the birdman is but personally I suggest we need Leon to “pay him a courtesy call”

This is the Birdman at work:

I like Charlie, but in fairness - wasn’t he a bit soft after travelling all that way.

Charlie: “Mr. Drumm, come out of there and talk to me will ya”
Drumm: “No, please leave”
Charlie: “Okay”

Very polite.


Trespassing laws are very different in the US and sure Charlie could have had a bullet in his head.

For me the most notable thing was the Drumm using his family as a shield.

What did Drumm and Seanie do ? They ran a bank into the ground . But so what ? The government nationisatied it . The same government who have been in power for over twelve years . The same Taoiseach who was the Minister For Finance at the time . The same government who pimped the property market to no end . The same government who failed to regulate the banks . The same government who are famously in the pockets of big developers . And the same government who are in power today .

Blaming Seanie and Drumm is only the FF press office looking for some poster boys to blame . Charlie Bird knocking on Drumms door is only a joke . ’ Go away ’ ’ Ok so ’ . Its not excatly Watergate .