Seapoint Lodge, 31 Seapoint Avenue, Monkstown, Co. Dublin

Seapoint Lodge, 31 Seapoint Avenue, Monkstown, Co. Dublin
€1,900,000 - 5 Bed Semi-Detached House 463 m² / 4984 ft² For Sale … in/2843649

This looks pretty much divine. They’ve done a really good job on sympathetically refurbishing the house and I can’t really fault anything from the photos. Love all the original details, such as the intricate cornicing.

Obvious drawback is the rear garden, which isn’t going to wow anybody at a mere 50ft long. It is south facing, though, and would be sufficiently large for plenty of people if gardens aren’t their thing.

Hard to say what it’ll go for, but considering the house across the street made over €2m requiring major renovation, it’ll be interesting to see what it achieves. Main difference is that the other house had a much larger garden with great unobstructed sea views, whereas this is totally renovated with limited sea views and a small garden.

The two properties aren’t really comparable in a number of ways, most of which you have highlighted.

This one wins hands down in terms of being finished and ready to walk into, and it’s definitely very, very nice. But if I had the best part of €2m to spend on a house, I think I would prefer one on the sea rather than just being near the sea. The area is great, with Monkstown, Dun Laoghaire & Blackrock all in walking distance.

If I didn’t already live here (and I had spare dosh) I’d be tempted myself :wink:.

Indeed, they aren’t very comparable due to a number of factors - although in terms of size and location they’re exactly the same! Depending on what this goes for, they may not be even near the same price bracket. The other house probably requires hundreds of thousands of euros worth of renovations, while this requires nothing. If it goes near the asking price, it’ll be a long way away price-wise from No. 38 and may suit somebody fine even with the small garden. That said, it could go mental like most things and end up costing the same as the owners of No. 38 will be in for by the time they’re finished.

Edit: I have just noticed that the basement remains totally unrefurbished and is not even be connected to the main house by way of stairs. Quite disappointing really that they did such a good job on the rest of the house and just left this sitting here idle. At the end of the day, the space there represents almost a third of the whole house and thus there is still a good chunk of money to be spent re-instating this and totally refurbishing and then there’s the issue of what to actually do with all the space there given that the house already has the kitchen, etc. that one might normally put in the garden level.

It’s funny how perception can be wrong. I pass these two houses quite often and to me #38 is on a different scale to #31, but now that I sit back and look at them I see that they are more similar than I thought in terms of size. In fact, #31 looks to be wider.

I also saw that about the basement - interesting. The plans just say “Basement”, so that was a bit of a tell-tale. As you say, it’s the best part of 1/3 of the house that is going to need work.

Sold for 1.8m … nd-165725/

Is “Seapoint Lodge” separate to “31 Seapoint Avenue”, or the same house?
31 Seapoint Avenue was asking 3.3m in 2005 … n-1.468245