Seasoned Pinster with free time available for Media?

Hearing David Hall (again) this morning on Radio 1, I thought:

Is there any authoritive seasoned Pinster prepared to make themselves available to the Media? Primarily radio?

I’ve listen to Hall almost monopolise the viewpoint on debt & arrears over last 6 months - and it’s clear that if you are willing to be available to the national stations (R1, Newstalk, TodayFM) you can fairly effectively shape the “national discussion”.

Having dug a little on this with a friend of a friend who worked in RTE until recently: his view was that, the researchers aren’t particularly looking for balance - they just have a list of people that they call - knowing they are available for a particular topic (the banks, debt, mortgages).
Availability trumps balance. Everytime.

Also, if you have available people contacting the stations essentially offering to go on the radio - providing a nice 20min topical segment - you can get on pretty easily.

I’m not saying that all the seasoned Pinsters here have the same opinions - but most of the experienced ones would happily lay out the pros & cons of any position.

So if there are any seasoned authoritive Pinsters out there with independent means & free time - now might be your time to do the people some service! :slight_smile:

To be honest, it’ll only be you & Hall most of the time!!
It’s worth thinking about. While the letters column in the IT is useful for the odd jab by a Pinster, it doesn’t have the effectiveness of the regular upper cut to the jaw that being the “go to contrarian” person on radio twice a week does.

When asked the usual “who do you represent” question: I’d probably just stick with “I represent myself & the hundreds of thousands of voters like me that are renting or paying mortgages in the state - and are unhappy with the monopolisation of the media discussion.”

You can do it!*

  • I’d do it myself but there are more experienced Pinsters with better financial means, and a more detailed grasp of the issues, than myself… I unfortunately work for the man from 8am to 5:30pm… which isn’t very radio-friendly!

I went on air once and asked Bertie a question. Was not allowed to go head to head due to radio format. I did my best wihtin the means at the time. I don’t think I was even 20. :frowning:

You’ll have to form a Political party, an association or some other formal group if you want to represent something and be taken seriously. Plus we don’t have the budget for makeup up or wardrobe. :neutral_face:

I think TI is onto something in this thread >>> viewtopic.php?p=819218#p819218

Name: 5 of 6

Who do you represent? “The 5 out of every 6 people who pay their mortgage or rent every month.”

*What’s your platform: * “Paying your way!”

How do you propose to acheive this? “Reduce the cost of living.”

Where do you expect to get your votes? “Our base extends to over 80% of the populaiton.”

Who is your leader? “We are Pinsterorg… Resistance is futile!” :wink:

… ok maybe not the last point but hey I think we have a program for government here! Something we can all 80% of us can get behind.

Not saying she has the time but Sandra conducted herself quite well on Joe Duffy last week. Admittedly it was only a one sided debate but she had her numbers to hand.


The problem with becoming a public voice is that you will lose your anonymity, which personally I don’t have a problem with, but I definitely don’t have the time.

All but the last quote(!) was the line of attack I was thinking along.
There’s a massive majority out there of renters & mortgage payers that don’t want the discussion - as it currently is - to lead to a government strategy & legislation along the lines of the current direction.
But I think you all are correct - what we really want here is a political party or movement to represent these majority views. I just don’t see it happening. I wish I was wrong.

That’s why I was thinking it had to be someone who was financially untouchable - as you’d need a thick skin, available time & enough cash that your means to make a living wouldn’t be jeopardised. Because I could see the current VIs going after you with venom as you try to outline the alternative positions… or even just to explain to the public what the current VIs soundbites/positions actually mean when they are logically implemented:
Like “debt forgiveness” …Sounds good - but really what the VIs are calling for is debt forgiveness without loss of the asset, which restricts property supply, which increases prices for all, pushes up SVRs for all to compensate, and provides no moral hazard to not paying your mortgage - which encourages more of that behaviour etc etc etc.

I am always amused when people refer to the majority view.

The majority might be unhappy to see debt write-offs funded by the taxpayer however they might be very keen to see higher houses prices.

Least we forget the vast majority of tax payers are property owners.

The majority should now understand the utter pointlessness of inflated property prices.

But the majority of the majority don’t necessarily want higher house prices now, they just want the artificial scarcity preserved so they can cash in their asset at some point in the future.

A raft of repos will not change the fundamentals of the property market, it will just represent a temporary buying opportunity.

It only has to be 51% for a politician to constitutionally invoke it. I don’t find it too amusing then. A majority empowered by a minoirty of 1!!! Ah it’s all true… everything they say.

… but seriously people are generally pissed off or too fucked to care.

Depending on which counties the repos hit and in what numbers, the window of the buying opportunity could vary greatly. It appears from a recent IT article that 7,000 writs are in progress at the moment with David Hall estimating the number could grow to 25,000 this year. … -1.2131160

Karl Deeter by way of example honed his skills and made some headway into the forest fire that is Irish Media. It can be done. However to re-iterate there are no representatives of None can exist as a matter of forum policy. Just in case you were wondering.

Other who have tried are maybe the like of David McWilliams and they never seem to ignite the masses, usually because they are not looking to self appoint themselves as a leader. Though they may wish to lead the way in different areas that allow people to figure it out. IF that needs to be done and you can do it then that’s what you do.

To “get leader” as Bertie put it, that’s a whole other game. Ask Lucinda. Find out what their policy is. Get them to represent it for you. See how long it takes before you are seen as a threat to the leader.

5 of 6?
Leader of (n)One?

What shall it be? 8)

We certainly do need another two new decent sized political parties. Coudl we have competing parties founded on property diametrically opposed to each other. It would be interesting no?

I agree - there may be more repos this year. There will certainly (and already have been more actions to repo), but when you look at last year’s number - as was recently done on the Arrears thread - only a tiny fraction of the actions last year actually resulted in repo. I wouldn’t be holding my breath that this year will see a sea-change in that regard. If repos were to increase by a factor of 10 (pause to write Indo headline in my head) it would still be a tiny figure.

I’m afraid that I doubt availability is the issue. I recall one person trying to get onto Joe about a March being planned (back in 2008/09) and complaining that as soon as Joe heard which issue it was he was left hanging on the line. From time to time you will hear people like Sandra on Joe and realise that they have probably lied to get on the air.

Heard also from a front-line worker whose union simply could never get any air time to respond to certain issues/allegations even though they had a PR person not only available, but who was submitting reposonses to the media by email/fax - and being ignored.

The truth is that the media control what elements they want to be heard based on what topic is “populist” - even though it’s populist because it is controlled by the media.

If you take the example of the recent water charge marches and ask yourself, as I often do, if this was such an issue for so many people - then where are they?

Why aren’t they on the streets?

Yeah, I know there can be no Pin Rep as such - I was just hoping that someone on here with the means, the confidence & the knowledge might have a Michael Douglas “Falling Down” moment about Irish property - and decide to take it on themselves to push the alternative views to current VIs.
…obviously through the medium of reasoned point-of-view on national radio stations… not through swift & blinding violence like the film. :-GC

I have long despaired that there is no speaker on behalf of Irish renters or Irish househunters/buyers.

“The Irish Tenants Association”?

**“The Irish Housebuyers Association”? **

While the pin does not permit a spokesperson there are seasoned posters on here who could fit the bill excellently.

And if you want to start an association it just takes a new Facebook page with a few likes. Even casual bloggers have ended up on national radio.


The irish mortgage payers organisation

That could technically include renters who are paying for their LL’s investment presuming the LL is not in default. :angry:

Give the IPOA a run for their money.

And a not too subtle slight against Hall and his ‘Irish Mortgage Holders Organisation’ to boot

Yea that one, I like it! :smiley: