Season's Greetings

Well I wish everyone the best for the season and the day.

Indeed, Happy Christmas everyone.

Merry Xmas and a happy new year to both bulls and bears :slight_smile:

Fixed that for you!

Happy Xmas to all

Echo that…happy christmas folks…

Happy Christmas to everyone. I wish you all the very best.

Happy Christmas everyone…

(Rainfall is truly appalling where I am, with mini floods everywhere - in fact I don’t remember a wetter Dec 25th. The “going” will be “soft” in Leopardstown, just up the road.)

Expecting mother in law around for dinner, keep watching the headlines for xmas tragedies.

First irish xmas in years and am hating it. Festivus hystericus maximus, I’m sure robojesuit will be around to correct by attempt at latin.

At least we’ve got raindeer on the menu.

Ho Ho Ho. Merry Christmas and monsoon seasons greetings to all.

Merry Grimbo.

Have a good blast of the finest christmas album ever made.

Happy Christmas all

Happy Christmas everyone May the New Year be good to you all
On a complete tangent for work we keep an eye on the weather forecast a few days out. At the moment and this is BY NO MEANS a certainty the 29th and 30th look horrendous in terms of winds. This hopefully wont happen but if anyone is travelling keep an eye on it. It will be Storm Frank if it continues to develop. We can replace property but not people. Mind yourselves and your loved ones

Happy xmas everyone

How about we start with your English? Although given the weather, maybe the raindeer wasn’t a mistake.

Anyway, wishing you all the joys of the Saviour’s birth and God’s peace and blessing on you and your family for the New Year.

If it’s any consolation to you, my Christmas consisted of a Lemsip every four hours, a sack of soiled tissues that Santa would struggle to hoist, a faceful of Nivea, and a solitary Ferrero Rocher to keep the blood sugar up.

Happy Christmas everyone.


Merry Christmas… Moonsoon Poultry Hospital all round…